The Sandscript

July 1977, Sea Pines, Brewster, Massachusetts


The Duneward Phase will make its formal debut with the opening of a furnished model on July 16. Recent visitors to Sea Pines who have expressed interest in a waterfront home will be invited back to a special Grand Opening that weekend. We do hope you will visit also.

The model unit is a two-story "Carriage House" which can be used as a 3 bedroom unit or as a 2 bedroom + den combination. All units in this phase are designed to maximize privacy and views. Prices in the Duneward Phase range from $79,500 to $99,500. The furnished model is being planned by architect Claude Miquelle and it will be an innovative design featuring a blending of casual with contemporary. Many of the accessories, including a life size mermaid, will be the original work of Cape Cod craftsmen.

Warren and Betsy Bixby and Mary Carten have full sets of plans for the Carriage House, the Garden House, and the Brewster House. Please visit the sales office for more information.

The Friendship Phase is completely sold out, which has prompted us to open our Hollow Phase a season before we anticipated. Occupancy for the Hollow can be as soon as September 15 with prices starting at $45,000 for the two-bedroom Cape.

On Saturday, July 16, CMJ will host its Annual Cocktail Party for all homeowners. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served at the Clubhouse from 5-8pm. It'll be an excellent opportunity to meet new and future neighbors (it's also an excellent time to bring an interested friend along).

JILL HAMPTON has accepted a position with the O'Neill Agency in Hyannis as a real estate broker and has decided to leave Sea Pines. She indicates that she leaves part of her heart with Sea Pines and hopes to visit often. While she was with us, Jill was an extremely competent salesperson who provided courteous and helpful assistance to owners and visitors alike. We will miss her very much and we wish her all success in her new career.

We have some good news to report. RUTH KELLY will be back with us this summer, and MARY CARTEN, having graduated from Wellesley College, will join Warren and Betsy until she begins her new job as a Systems Analyst with Electronic Data Systems in Boston on July 18.

JACK CARTIER has joined CMJ Construction Co. as Construction Manager for Sea Pines. Jack, formerly of Woodstock, Connecticut, has been in construction for over 20 years, having successfully completed various residential, commercial and institutional buildings throughout the country. Prior to joining CMJ, Jack served as superintendent for Horn Construction Co., Hartford, Connecticut.

Sea Pines has been awarded a Federal grant for the installation of solar heating and hot water systems in the Duneward Phase. The Garden House will be constructed with solar heating panels and according to design engineers, will provide 100% of the hot water and 60% of the annual space heating requirements of the homes. Construction begins in August. Since the funds for the systems are provided by Federal grant, the sales prices of the solar units will be the same as the conventionally heated ones. Two lucky owners will have solar heat at no extra cost.

Gary Jennison

Manager's Musings

Our annual meeting on Sunday morning, May 29 was well attended; in fact, the clubhouse was bulging, and it is apparent that hereafter we'll have to find a larger place to hold our meetings! I'd like to summarize the major points covered at the meeting for the benefit of those who were unable to attend.

It was with regret that we saw Mary Earley and Larry Huller complete their terms on the Phase 1 Board of Managers. George Gore, who is moving, resigned from the Phase 2 board and will be sorely missed. We certainly appreciate the sound advice these people provided and the many hours they spent on our behalf.

Scott Jordan and Ken Bova of CMA Corp., our new Managing Agents, were introduced and Scott reviewed the 1977 budget adopted by the Boards of Managers on April 9.

Les Grohe, President of the Board of Managers of Phase 2 and Chairman of the Grounds and Maintenance Committee, reported on the Committee's activities during the difficult winter; his summary appears later on this page. Les announced that John Lobingier will become chairman of the committee in June. Few of us realize the time and effort Les has put into this job, and we all owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude. We're most fortunate to have the services of John Lobingier as our new chairman.

At the meeting I made special mention of the extraordinary work by Les Grohe and Scott Jordan in securing new insurance coverage during a hectic ten days in February; they saved us several thousand dollars. Further, I thanked Scott Jordan publicly for persevering under difficult weather conditions at odd hours in correcting a number of sewer blockages during the latter part of March.

There was considerable discussion regarding whether or not the Boards of Managers should proceed with investigating an offer by potential new owners of the Friendship School to sell us a building and property adjacent to Sea Pines. A vote on whether or not the Board should consider the matter further ended in a tie, so we determined the Board would continue to monitor the situation on an informal basis.

Ted Dada, Howie Johnson and Audrey Scalley were elected to the Board of Managers of Phase 1, and Murray Freeman, Fred Price and Virginia True to the Board of Phase 2.

Have a good summer.
Frank W, Pease, 1C, President, Board of Managers, Sea Pines Condominium 1

Recently, Scott Jordan, Property Manager for Sea Pines Homeowner Association, requested relief from the Town of Brewster in their request for a lifeguard at our pool.

Printed below is a copy of the resolution of the Brewster Board of Selectmen. The implications are self evident: we may be required, if we cannot monitor a maximum of 20 individuals at poolside, to retain a lifeguard. At this point, until we know whether we will have a pool loading problem, no action will be taken. The Pool Committee will take this under advisement and a firm set of regulations will be sent in the near future.

Town of Brewster Brewster, Massachusetts

June 6, 1977


On June 2, 1977, the Brewster Board of Health, acting under authority of Reg. 46 of Title 2 of the State Environmental Code, voted to grant a variance of Reg. 4 of Title 2, which allows Sea Pines Condominiums, Route 6A, Brewster, to operate a swimming pool with limited lifeguard supervision.

This variance is issued with the following restrictions:

  1. A certified lifeguard shall be on duty during periods of pool operation when the number of swimmers exceeds twenty (20);
  2. No lifeguard shall be required when less than twenty (20) swimmers use the pool at one time, provided that a "No Swimming Alone" rule is enforced;
  3. A sign shall be posted at the entrance to the pool enclosure which states: "All persons are required to take a cleansing shower before entering pool"; "No person with a communicable disease is allowed to use the pool"; "No swimming alone".
  4. A written plan of operation shall be submitted to the Brewster Board of Health, which lists the steps that will be taken to monitor the number of swimmers and enforce the requirements of this variance.

It is hoped that this variance will allow Sea Pines reasonable freedom in the operation of the swimming pool and yet provide the protection that the law requires.

If you have any questions about this matter, please contact this office.

Very truly yours, Peter J. McErlain, R.S. Health Agent.

Les Grohe, 6A

Jordan's Jottings

It is a great pleasure for those of us in CMA to get to know each one of you in the Sea Pines family. Summer brings out the best on the Cape and we want to help you enjoy every minute possible.

Alan Campbell has just been joined for the summer by Jeff Hubbell who will be on the job 25 hours each week. Jeff will be attending the University of Massachusetts this fall.

The Town of Brewster has cut out the practice of putting water meters on hydrants for summer watering so we have more hoses than ever to pull around in dry weather.

The Town has also put Sea Pines on their "honor system" when it comes to the new state law requiring lifeguards. The town expects us to police ourselves and see that there are never more than 20 persons in the pooi at any time. (More details on this subject in Les Grohe's committee report).

Now a little something about "The Birds and the Bees."

Flickers (many think they are woodpeckers) have put holes in siding all over the Cape. If you make the board they are working on unattractive by treating it chemically, they just put another hole in the next board. CMJ has offered boards for such repair and OMA will repair all such locations this fall.

We had between 15,000 and 30,000 bees move into one of the courtyards, then swarm through a Flicker hole into a utility room. We tried unsuccessfully to capture the queen bee and finally got bee hobbyist Robert Jordan (no relation) to set up a new hive with a new queen bee. He made a one way door over the Flicker hole and the hive had a one way door. It took several days to transfer all the bees. Bob took the bees as his only payment for making it easier to walk through our courtyard.

Then there is the matter of squirrels.

The Humane Society says there is only one sure way to keep them out of attics. Sprinkle plenty of old fashioned moth crystals around. They don't like the smell and will move their families to another neighborhood. Traps are out because if you catch the mother, her young will die in the walls and moth crystals smell better than that. Closing openings after they are in makes them tear the place apart.

We will try to keep the holes plugged up, but will appreciate your help with moth crystals if you think you've been invaded.

For those who want a reminder, here are the maintenance telephone numbers:

  • 896-7940: Alan Campbell normally answers in person, Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 to 9:15am. At intervals he checks the answering machine during the day whenever he returns to the maintenance building.
  • 771-0739: CMA emergency 24-hour answering will locate Scott Jordan or Ken Bova as long as you let them know it is an emergency. We hope you don't have reason to use that number.

Have a great summer.

Scott C. Jordan


The last remaining units in Phases 1 and 2 are about gone with three recent sales to new owners. A warm welcome is extended to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Morris of Wellesley (what is it about Sea Pines that makes it so attractive to Wellesleyites?), the new owners of 6H, the former model unit.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Marden, also of - you guessed it - Wellesley, have purchased 9H. Mr. Marden owns the Captain Marden's Seafood Shops in West Newton and Wellesley. He's been in the business since 1945 and insists that his stores are "two of the best in the country."

Ms. Dorothy Pendergast of Chestnut Hill will make her home in unit 1E. Ms. Pendergast just retired from a most fascinating 35 year career as New England Regional Director of the Women's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor, covering a 14 state area.

The Friendship Phase continues its popularity. Seven more families have signed agreements for single family homes and are awaiting completion of their units:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sagarin, Woodbridge, Conn.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Roy, Sudbury, Mass.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Howard Chauncey, Wellesley, Mass.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hayes, Norfolk, Mass.
  • Dr. & Mrs. Bernard Phaneuf, Arlington, Mass.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd McDonald, Hartford, Conn.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Doran, Jr., Natick, Mass.

Margie and John Lobingier have decided that Cape Cod living is for them. John has taken early retirement after 19 years with Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance, they have sold their home in Farmington, Conn., and have settled into unit 5C on a year-round basis. For the immediate future, John plans to do freelance writing. He is also the new Chairman of the Grounds & Maintenance Committee, so it's to everyone's advantage to have the Lobingiers at Sea Pines full time.

Recent Phase 1 and 2 owners should use the procedure through CMA Management as outlined in "Jordan's Jottings". Please understand that the Sales Office personnel do not have the ability to assist you on construction or management items.

The Board of Directors of the First National Bank of Boston recently elected Louise Choulian, 3G, Assistant Vice President. Only 5% of the bank officers this level and above are women. Anyone who has worked with Lou on the Finance Committee or other Sea Pines activities is aware of her talent and competence; we're delighted that her employers have given her the recognition she deserves.

Besides Sea Pines activities, Lou is involved with professional groups such as the National Association of Bank Women and the American Institute of Banking. She's also an energetic worker for her alma mater, Tufts University, and serves on the Tufts Alumni Council and on the Executive Boards of the Boston Tufts Club and Jackson College Association of Tufts Alumnae.

She's awfully young looking to be a grandmother, but Audrey Scalley, 1H, became one in January. Jaimee Anne Seabury made her debut on January 27. She's the daughter of Audrey's youngest daughter Julie and husband Frank Seabury of Stoneham. Jaimee is the first grandchild in the family.

Rick McDonald, 8F, was awarded a Masters Degree in Business Administration in June from Suffolk University. He began studying part-time while working as Manager of the Burlington branch of the Shawmut County Bank, then spent one year in full-time study. Rick is now planning a new career in the field of business-government relations.

For new Friendship owners, a mailbox has been placed on the construction trailer for your use in delivering written lists of construction items.

Liz Huller, daughter of Phyllis and Larry, 4B, traveled through Russia for 3 1/2 weeks last winter with class members from Hartwick College. Sisse Bove from Denmark, a friend of Michael Huller, is currently visiting for the summer. Phyl wishes she had a trip to tell about!

Linda Dixon