Brewster, Massachusetts

Volume 1

This is a paper without a name. This is Edition No. 1, Volume 1. Since Sea Pines is, in effect, "cutting the cord" from CMJ, it is only fitting and natural that we have a new paper, hopefully to be published monthly. The former "SANDSCRIPT" and "SAND CASTLE NEWS" brought news items to you, and now we want your opinions, suggestions and news... the first order being a new name. Can you think of a new name, or would you like to see either of the above used. Send in your ideas and suggestions along with the questionnaire below.

Have you ever wanted to go to the theatre to see a certain performance only not to be able to get there in time to pick up your tickets? Did you ever want to go on a group fishing trip only to find you don't have a group to share the expenses? How about that piece of needlework you started a while back and lost the instructions...or that plant that did so well during the summer and now seems to have lost its lust for life!

Your Special Events Committee (Chairman Joe Stukas) may have the answer. This Committee hopes to be a "catalyst" for many new events, clubs, trips, etc. We want your opinions and suggestions-- please let us know if you would be interested in any of the following and if you have any other ideas, Jot them down and send them in.

Bridge____ Fishing Trips ____ Bowling_____ Bicycle Trips____
Tours____ Theatre____ Horticulture Needlework____ Skiing_____
Other ___________________________________________
Name________________ Phone ___________________
Address _______________________________________

President, Board of Managers, Frank W. Pease


I'm pleased to have space in this first Sea Pines newsletter prepared and issued by owners. On behalf of George Malone, President of Sea Pines Condominum 2 and the combined Boards of Managers, I would like to bring you up to date on some matters we discussed at the annual meeting in May, 1979, and thank some folks who worked hard for the common good and present a few thoughts for next year.

With essentially all of the units at Sea Pines sold, the Boards of Managers feel it desirable to proceed with the consolidation of the various condominiums into one. In actuality, we have been functioning in this manner for several years, through joint meetings of the Boards of Managers. However, it is a cumbersome organizational structure and needs to be streamlined.

At a Board meeting early this year, Murray Freeman was appointed to chair a special committee on Consolidation. You have already received a brief letter from that committee seeking an expression of each owner's interest in consolidation. If we are to proceed, it is vital that a strong majority of owners indicate they are favorable to such consolidation. If you have not already done so, please complete and return this letter to our Managing Agent.

Special committees on the correction of Inequities in Maintenance Fees (chaired by Hubie Kelley) and Long Range Financial Planning (chaired by our Treasurer, Ernie Dillon) are working, and the Board hopes to have their recommendations for review this Fall.

We owe a strong vote of thanks to the Chairpersons of our standing Committees (Beach) Jack Havlin; (Pool) Marie Hayes; and (Tennis) Stan Wolfe for their hard work this summer. They have difficult and often thankless tasks, and we appreciate what they have done. Joe Stukas and his Special Events Committee plan a number of events (one of them this newsletter), and I thank them for their thought and work. Ursula Shannon and her Saturday Evening Social Committee have already begun the Saturday evening social hour, and I hope everyone will take a turn at hosting these enjoyable evenings.

Without question, the most demanding job is Chairman of the Grounds and Maintenance Committee, and Ed Cayley has been doing an outstanding job. Unfortunately, only those few of us who have had the job before can really appreciate the difficulties and demands involved. We also appreciate the cheerful cooperation and hard work of our Managing Agent, Scott Jordan, and the maintenance staff - Alan Campbell and Paul Fagan.

I also want to thank Mary Carten for her thoughtfulness in organizing the lovely memorial service for Joe Lowe.

As always, the delightful cocktail party in August hosted by CMJ was a high point of the season and a success in spite of the weather. Thank you Joe Corcoran and Gary Jennison.

This summer was the first wherein our recreational facilities and other common areas experienced nearly a "full house" at Sea Pines, and in order to maintain the type of community we have now, a number of things will have to be done next season.

  1. Our rules for the Tennis courts, beach and pool are reasonable and everyone must be aware of them and obey them. It was apparent, however, this summer that many parents did not cause their children to obey these rules and many tenants were not made aware of these rules by the owners. We plan to have a full tine lifeguard next summer and those who refuse to accept our simple rules for courtesy and safety will be ejected from the swimming pool and/or tennis courts.

  2. The Board of Managers is considering ways to improve our security. Each owner can help, of course, by not allowing outsiders to have pool or tennis court keys.

  3. A I have said before, the surest way to destroy Sea Pines is to allow it to become a fast-turnover rental operation. Each owner, upon purchase of a unit, made. a covenant with his neighbors agreeing to certain rental rules. If you rent your unit for less than a one month period, or rent it more than once in any calendar quarter, you are violating these rules. Owners who rent or allow others to use their units must be certain their tenants or guests are cognizant of our reasonable pool, tennis and beach rules.

  4. Parking spaces are at a premium. if you have a garage, please use it to free up outside parking areas.

It is a difficult and expensive task to keep up the appearance of our grounds. If each of us spent a few minutes now and then maintaining flower beds or picking up debris, it would go a long way toward lessening our ground maintenance burden.

Please take special note of winterizing advice included herein and return the information promptly to Scott Jordan. The Board of Managers appreciates the support of the owners and we wish everyone a fine fall and winter.

Frank W. Pease, President
Board of Managers
Condominium 1

Owners should be careful where they store their firewood. There are termites in the area and if firewood is stacked against the house or fences attached to he house, it could create a termite problem.

The first Social Hour for the fall of 1979 was held on Saturday, September 8 and the Social Committee hosted it. It was good to see everyone after a busy summer. To all newcomers - this is the time and place to meet your new neighbors and future friends, to bring your guests and to meet Sea Pines "oldies". Each week one of us will act as host and/or hostess and a calendar is on the Bulletin Board by the mailboxes so you may sign up for the weekend of your convenience. See you next Saturday! Chairperson Ursula Shannon.

A warm welcome to the following new owners at Sea Pines:

5A - Carol and Wilbur Smith
7A- Sophia and Abraham L. Rysman, Brockton, Mass.
6B - Elizabeth and Charles A. Phillips, Fort Worth, Texas
5G - Eleanor and Leigh E. Hunt, Windsor, Conn.
2J - Marjorie and Edward C. Fearns
F15 - Addie and Robert F. Roth, and Ann and Henry L. Soukup, of Hinsdale, Illinois
K3 - Edna and Frederick Elder, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey
K4 - Frances S. Parke, Concord, Mass.
K7 - Jeanette and Eugene R. DuRoss, Dearborn Heights, Michigan
O1 - Murva and Donald J. Deneen, Windsor, Conn.
O2 - Patricia and George R. Green, Cheshire, Conn.

Many more newcomers have chosen to be full-time residents, i.e. Dot Riether, Vera Fields and Frances Park Join Fred and Peg Crosby in the Knoll, not to forget Edna and Fred Elder and Sam Archibald and Dorothy.

What is it? Do we need it? Dr. Bentley Colcock, President; JuIth C. Finn, Coordinator and Dr. Robert L. Cook, Trustee, gave a descriptive talk explaining the need for this new facility, to be constructed on Routes #137 and #6 in Brewster. Planned are offices for at least 3-4 doctors, x-ray and laboratory facilities; EKG, physiotherapy equipment, etc. The facility will serve as a clinic as well as for emergency use. If you wish more MEDICENTER information or would like to contribute, call Doris and Bill Welsh at 9F The Grove.

The Corcorans, Mullins and Jennisons hosted the annual cocktail party on August 18 for all Sea Pines homeowners. Cocktails and hors d'oevres were served at the Clubhouse and it was nice to see so many Sea Piners, many of whom made the trip up here especially for the party. Our hosts are to be thanked for a lovely evening, in spite of the uncooperative weather!

Yes, there was a yard sale at Sea Pines - another Special Event spurred by this Committee. It was "our own" and all Sea Pines residents were invited to participate. Chairperson Florence Tomlinson did a great job arranging the tables and assisting contributors who could not be there personally. Out came the lamps, ashtrays and brass bells you don't want any more and they were snatched by someone who was always looking for just that thing - in fact, Joe Stukas finally found a mirror he's been looking for ages! It was fun, and the weather cooperated...how about another one in the Spring???

A moment of prayer was held on September 2nd in the amphitheater in memory of Joseph E. Lowe (F20). Prayers and poetry were read by John Lobingier, Mary Carten and Murray Freeman, and a beautiful rendition of the Lord's Prayer was sung by the ladies from The Lady of The Cape Church. A rosebush was planted by Sea Pines children in Joe's memory in a plot adjourning his house.

The second annual mixed doubles tennis tournament was held midsummer and one of our resident pros, Lloyd MacDonald, with the help of guest Mary Ann Scali, beat Mary's husband Joe and our own Barbara Rosen. Phyllis Huller and guest Mark DiCarlo beat Ursula Shannon and Harry Partain in the Consolidation Division. The winners' names will be entered on the plaque (a retired tennis racquet) in the Clubhouse.

Special Events thought it might be a fun idea to begin a scrapbook of Sea Pines - from the beginning ad finitum. Do you have any snapshots, newspaper clippings, etc. that you wish to donate for insertion? Please contact Vera Fields (K16). The scrapbook would be kept at the Clubhouse for all to see.

Dot Riether's daughter, Wendy Litz, spent a few days with Dot along with grandsons Scott and Brian. A special welcome to little Stacey Litz, born July 29th. Susan Werner from Pompano Beach, Florida, assisted her aunt, Vera Fields, in the, big move from New Jersey this August. The Romni family hosted frequent visitor, former Governor Michael Dukakis and his family over the Labor Day weekend. Dr. Michael Dillon, wife Kathryn and daughter Amy were visiting Ernie and Marjorie Dillon during August, having come all the way from Hawaii. Sea Pines as a honeymoon haven - Joan Chamberlain's son and his new wife spent their honeymoon at Sea Pines while Joan visited relatives,

Need a "reporter" from each Phase to submit any and all news items to Vera Fields for our paper...call her if you're interested.

Vera Fields, Editor


Last fall almost all of you followed our winterizing advice and the results were vastly better than the sad experiences of the previous three winters. Our properties are vulnerable to freeze-ups from November 15 through April 1 unless careful preparations are taken and definite procedures followed. Since winterizing preparations should be taken before October 20, we urge you to indicate your choice on the last page and return to CMA Corporation before that date.

You will be able to place yourself in one of the following three categories:

  1. Those who do not plan to be at Sea Pines between November 15 and April 1 and who wish to winterize their units permanently for that period;
  2. Those who plan to spend weekends and/or some periods of time at Sea Pines during the winter months; and
  3. Permanent residents of Sea Pines.
    1. Advise CMA Corporation before October 20 of your intention to winterize. Specify your preferred date for cutting off heat. CMA will advise John Latham Plumbing of that date.
    2. After October 20, please call John Latham Plumbing directly (617 896 3694) and make the necessary arrangements.
    3. John Latham has agreed to these standard charges for winterizing:
      • Single bathroom $50
      • Two bathrooms $55
      • 2 1/2 or 3 bathrooms $60
      • Outside shower $5
      Winterizing service includes draining, blowing out the system, opening the line between the water meter and house, installing anti-freeze in all traps, turning off appropriate circuit breakers and doing whatever else can reasonably be done to safeguard your property. Do not forget to drain outside showers, piping to ice makers and underground sprinkler systems.
    4. If advised by October 20, CMA Corporation can take care of throwing off your main circuit breaker, if you so desire. After October 20, however, you will have to take care of this on your own.
    5. You may elect to have your unit winterized by some qualified person other than Latham Plumbing. If this is your choice, we must point out that you must be willing to assume any costs for freeze-up damage to common facilities as well as your own unit.

    Your Boards of Managers are doing everything possible to keep insurance claims to a minimum in the interest of holding down our overall insurance costs at Sea Pines.

    1. When you leave (Sunday night, Monday morning, or whenever) open your cold water faucets and turn off the main water supply to your unit. This turn-off is located in your utility shed, to which you should have a key (Phase 1 and 2). All other units have shut-offs inside each unit as well as in a pit outside the unit. Al Campbell (896-7940) can help you locate your shut-off. Weekenders will want to use their shut-offs inside their units.
    2. Open the doors to cabinets under all sinks.
    3. The setting of your thermostat is critical. Be sure the thermostats are set just above their lowest "on" point. Thermostats are not precise instruments, and in extremely cold weather, a 55 degree setting can result in a freeze-up because the outside temperature drops faster than your heating system can recover. Your thermostat also should be set higher in those areas where you have piping in the walls.
    4. For Phase 1 and 2 owners who select this option, CMA Corporation will regularly conduct Friday afternoon "pop" tests during extremely cold weather. The "pop test" consists of turning off the red handle on the main line to your unit and then turning on quickly the main valve lever to your unit. Your water meter has a "fusable link" type bottom designed to break first if there has been a freeze-up and thus prevent damage to the water meter and to your unit. If there has been damage, CMA Corporation will call the plumber for you and will immediately shut off the main valve lever. This procedure is not fool-proof, but we feel that in more than 90% of the cases it should pinpoint any difficulty, as well as prevent a possible catastrophe. If you are arriving at Sea Fines at any time other than Friday night, you can perform your own "pop test".
    5. Be sure to leave your sink faucets open to bleed air out of your system. (Sinks have been blown off the wall when water was turned on without open faucets.)
    6. After water has been turned on and air is out of the lines, if you suspect a leak, there is one more check you can make before calling the plumber. Turn off all faucets in the house and check your meter in the utility shed. If meter is turning, you have a leak. Turn off main valve lever and call the plumber. Of course, a toilet valve not seating could also cause the meter to turn as well as dripping faucets. Small pin-prick leaks will not generally show on the meter.
    7. If trouble occurs and it appears to be at your expense, call John Latham Plumbing directly (617-896-3694). If it seems to be. a common area expense, call Alan Campbell (896-79110). It you cannot reach Alan, call 385-8345 stating "this is an emergency". Scott Jordan or Ken will respond.

    We don't really mean to put an ominous cast on the forthcoming winter, but freeze-ups, when they occur, can be very serious. This is a matter that cannot be dealt with lightly.

    1. Remember in very cold weather to let heat penetrate under your sinks by opening cabinet doors at night.
    2. It you are going away for even a day or two, let Alan Campbell know and take the precautions prescribed for Category 2 above.
    3. If there is a long power outage, turn all faucets on. This could prevent broken pipes.

This is essentially the reverse of Category above. Write CMA Corporation before March 1, 1980 with plans for re-occupancy. CMA Corporation will start up for your selected date after April 1, 1980. If you cannot notify CMA Corporation by March 1, then you should handle the start-up operation yourself.

A particular note of caution for those who have solar heating, heat pumps, underground sprinkling systems or other special features. You should follow the bul3lder's recommendation for winterizing, and if possible, John Latham will be willing to give individual quotations on such special winterizing as may be suggested or recommended by your builder, CMJ Corporation.

When you are away from Sea Pines and become concerned about anything, do not hesitate to write or telephone. However, it is only fair that the unit owner leave an operator's number or request a collect return call. Most of the people you will want to reach are not, by the nature of their work, going to be sitting at the phone when you call. Therefore, neither Sea Pines Homeowners' Association, CMA Corporation nor unpaid members of the Boards should be burdened with call-back expenses...yet they may hesitate to call collect without invitation from the owner. Your understanding and cooperation in all these matters are much appreciated. PLEASE RETURN THE FOLLOWING FORM TO CMA CORPORATION BEFORE OCTOBER 20 indicating your choice of winterizing procedure.

Scott Jordan
Managing Agent


Box 2000
Dennis, Massachusetts 02638

Date: ______________ , 1979

Please check one.

1____ I do not plan to be at Sea Pines between November 15, 1979 and April 1, 1980. Please schedule John Latham Plumbing to winterize Unit ______ any date after ______________ and before November 15, 1979. Please turn off the main circuit breaker on the same date. I understand Mr. Latham will bill me directly in accordance with the instructions in this newsletter.

2____ I plan to spend some time at Sea Pines this winter and will leave the heat on in Unit _____. I understand the advice of the Boards of Managers and Managing Agent as outlined in Category No. 2 of this newsletter.

3____ I am a year-round resident of Sea Pines and will advise you whenever Unit ____ will be vacant for any period of more than one day or so during the potential freeze period November 15 through April 1, 1980.

4____ I will handle winterizing on my own. I plan to winterize Unit _____any day after _____________________ and before November 15, 1979. You will not have to be concerned in any way with my unit winterizing. I understand that if heat is to be turned off, winterizing must be effective from November 15, 1979 to April 1, 1980. I also understand that the main feed pipe to my unit must be disconnected from the meter and that the system must be blown-out as well as drained. I will assume any cost of freeze-up damage to my unit, other units, and/or the common areas.

5____ Please schedule the spring start-up between April 1, 1980 and April 15, 1980, or on ____________________ if possible.

Please have Mr. Latham send any billing to this address:

Name: ________________________________

Thank you.