Brewster, MA 02631

June 1982

TO: All Homeowners
FROM: Your Facilities Management Board

We are happy to report to you on a number of important items.

  1. Governance of our 4 condominiums

    At the annual meeting for all owners (May 30), elections were held to fill vacancies on each condominium board. Membership lists may be obtained from the board presidents, who are:

    • Condominium 1, Frank W. Pease
    • Condominium 2, George L. Malone
    • Condominium 3, E. Lovell Smith
    • Condominium 4, Frederick II. Crosby

    As authorized through the By-Law amendment adopted in 1981 with the legal vote of' owners in each condominium, representatives were then elected to the overall Facilities Management Board. Here is the makeup of the FMB, which will serve you during the current fiscal year:

    Representing Condominium 1 Representing Condominium 2
    Frank W. Pease George B. Malone
    Dorothy M. Pendergast Frederick B. Price
    John B. Lobingier Jr. Fred W. Nichols
    Representing Condominium 3 Representing Condominium 4
    E. Lovell Smith Frederick D. Crosby
    Robert W. Shells William O. Buchanan
    Nellie W. Peterson Hans H. Marum

    At the organizational meeting of the new Facilities Management Board (May 30, 1982), John Lobingier was elected chairman, and Bob Shells, vice chairman. Re-elected as chief financial officer was Ernest P. Dillon, and as clerk, Vera B. Fields.

    We salute outgoing chairman George Malone, who served for two years in that capacity with both diligence and distinction. Fortunately, George remains a member of the board. His experience and counsel will be valuable during the year ahead.

  2. Office hours - a new policy

    Where does an owner go for information or the solution to a problem situation? Best first avenue is to contact the president or a member of the board of your condominium.

    Beginning in July, an additional avenue will be available. One or two members of the FMB will hold office hours in the Club House cardroom on the first and third Saturday of each month - between 11am and noon. Thus for the next three months, any owner may seek help or guidance on condominium situations on these days:

    • Saturday July 5 and 17
    • Saturday August 7 and 21
    • Saturday September 4 and 18

    If the demand is there, we will continue to hold office hours during the fall and winter.

  3. Status of litigation with the developer

    The candid report of Attorney Robert Glass (to the FMB on May 29 and to the annual meeting of owners on May 30) was a welcome update on where matters stand. As it may be advisable to do so, we will keep owners posted on future developments.

  4. Committee chairmen

    • Grounds and maintenance. We are fortunate in having seasoned co-chairmen, Fred Nichols and Lovell Smith. (At the annual meeting, last year's chairman Bill Buchanan was given a deserved standing ovation for his year of tireless effort and accomplishment.)
    • Developer liaison. Hubie Kelley continues as chairman of this important committee.

    Other committee appointments will be made soon. The list of chairmen and members will be circulated.

  5. Proposed new rental policy

    By mail, within a few weeks, owners will be asked to vote on a By-Law amendment proposing a different policy on rental of units. Until a change is effected, however, the present policy stands:

    "No unit may be leased for more than one year, or less then one month, nor more than one time in each calendar quarter..." Article VI, para. 11 (e)

Enough of business. Let's enjoy summer.

For the FMB,

John Lobingier Chairman