September 30, 1986

Dear Sea Pines Neighbor,

This is a brief report on the Facilities Management Board meeting held at the clubhouse on Saturday, September 27, 1986.

  1. The FMB thanked the Beach & Boating Committee (Jack Cartier, Commodore) for damage prevention and salvage work at the beach following very high winds one morning earlier this month.

  2. A heavy influx of automobile traffic on Friday, September 26 resulted from a tag sale held by a unit owner. (The firm which conducted the sale advertised in three newspapers and posted signs outside Sea Pines on Route 6A.) The FMB voted to forbid "tag" or "yard" sales in Sea Pines, effective at once.

  3. Plans for preparation of the 1987 Budget were discussed. The FMB awaits budget recommendations from the Grounds & Maintenance Committee and the Insurance Committee. These should be in the Managing Agent's hand by October 20.

  4. At the August 23 FMB meeting, Messrs. Lobingier, Malone, Sheils and Pease were appointed to draft a new contract with and job description for the Managing Agent. (George Malone subsequently declined to serve on this committee.) Drafts of these documents were presented to the FMB, and after discussion and amendment of the drafts, the FMB took the following action:

    1. Voted to advise our Managing Agent, CMA Corp., that we intended to enter into a new agreement with them effective February 1, 1987, to provide management services for a fee of $16 per unit per month ($28,992 per year). This is a 17% increase over the previous fee of $13.66, which has not been changed since CMA started serving us on February 1, 1977.

    2. Voted to send the revised draft of the contract and job description to our attorney so that a formal agreement can be drawn up and, after final review by the FMB, sent to CMA Corp. for signature. Among other things, included in the new agreement will be provision for an annual review of the Managing Agent's performance by the FMB.

    3. Voted to establish a Management Survey Committee, which, over the next year, will review our current procedures, examine practices at other condominiums and survey property management firms as necessary to be certain we are obtaining the best value for our management dollar.

    Items 1 through 4 above cover the important events of the FMB meeting. Here are some other items of general interest.

  5. The Clubhouse Interior Committee (Vera Fields, Chairperson) asks that periodic "cleaning" of the bulletin board be left up to members of that committee. Also, Vera has some Sea Pines sweat shirts remaining; if you would like to buy one, please call her (after October 22) at 896-7643.

  6. Gene Gall (896-3286) suggested that those interested in buying firewood might save money by negotiating collectively for a large quantity. If you are interested in this, please give Gene a call; if there is enough interest, we may investigate the matter further.

  7. A vote of thanks to Mary Early and Fran and George Malone for organizing and running a super golf outing at the Captain's Course on Sunday afternoon September 28; their arrangements included perfect weather! Thanks also to Ursula Hendricks and Fran Shaver for organizing the delightful cocktail party after ward; those who contributed the great food are too numerous to mention, but their work is certainly appreciated.

Best regards,

Frank W. Pease, Chairman
Facilities Management Board
Sea Pines Condominium