Sea Pines Homeowners Association

April 18, 1990

Dear Homeowners:

The Facilities Management Board met on March 31, 1990 in the Clubhouse. The Grounds and Maintenance committee announced that exterior painting will begin within the next few weeks. A survey was done about changing the two red homes to grey but no agreement was reached. All condos will be painted in their original color. There will be further discussion in the future about color as the painting moves to Phase II. Both cost and change in ambience of Sea Pines and homeowner's choice will be considered.

Winter has taken some toll on Sea Pines Drive and work on repaving or patching will be undertaken on roads and some walkways. The G&M Committee has received some estimates from Colonial Gas for conversion to gas. Based on 20-30% of owners, it would be approximately $5800 per unit/condo. The Committee will continue its inquiry on costs and interest of homeowners. Placement of "gas burners" will need to be considered if placed outside of unit/condo. It is doubted any change could be made before l991-92.

No sales were reported; however, I would like to remind you that any sale and/or transfer of property must be reported to Mercantile Property Management and receive the approval of the FMB. I think you should know that Craig McGowan, President of Mercantile, was complemented by several for his orderly and thoughtful work with Sea Pines. I can speak personally to my sense of relief and yes, confidence in the way Craig is working with Sea Pines. I regret some of you received notices of arrears in maintenance fees when this was inaccurate. This was part of the transition. I am pleased we were on top of finances but regret any inconvenience this may have caused you.

There was a long and full discussion on Sea Pines insurance. The Board voted to increase coverage of liability, directors and dishonesty policies at no additional budgeted cost. Remember the "all-in" policy was voted for one year only.

Joe Herlihy, Chair of Exterior Structural Change Committee, presented two proposals for consideration. The first was no change could be made in common areas and the second was a step by step process to be taken if a change was requested. The Board voted for the first proposal. Therefore added to Reasonable Rule #8 will be the following:

"Nothing contained in this Section 8 shall be construed to permit the expansion of any owner's unit into the common areas of the condominium, except for those areas covered by roofs in which the Master Deed establishes an exclusive easement benefiting such unit".
I want to thank all who have been trying to resolve this issue. I have no doubt that this area may continue to be debated by homeowners in the future!

Some of you at Sea Pines may have noticed that the playground is bare of structures. This equipment was deteriorating and needed to be removed. A committee of Fran Malone, Louise Sullivan, Hans Marum and Joe Herlihy will be reviewing and recommending to the Board replacement. If the Board approves and appropriates the unbudgeted money, it is planned that the area will be completed by summer.

March 31 was a cold, rainy New England spring weekend. A good time for wood fires. Yet the early bulbs are pushing up green shoots and I am looking forward to "Brewster in Bloom".

Next FMB Meeting on April 28 at 8:30am.

Regards to all,

Elizabeth Ann Liddle, Chair
Sea Pines Facilities Management Board