August 5, 1990

Dear Homeowners,

The Facilities Management Board met on July 28, 1990 for its regular meeting. Since Sea Pines is in full swing for the season, it seemed that most of the discussion centered around current problems, and/or reminders for homeowners.

For your information, and update you should know that:

  • The Grounds and Maintenance Committee is having a survey of necessary tree removal or moving to be carried out in the future. No action will be taken on this procedure until it comes to The Board for consideration, as I assume it may be costly.
  • Homeowners are reminded of the policy on renting.
    • No less than one month, and only once a quarter.
    • All rentals should be brought to The Board for approval, through the managing agent. Please see your By-Laws.
  • Remember our request to reduce use of disposals during peak season. Our septic system is getting overloaded.
  • Yes, we will be recycling bottles as noted in the June letter. We are waiting for labels on trash cans - please be patient.
  • Do bring your key or give guests or family your key to the pool entrance. The pool attendant, Joanne, is not responsible for opening doors. And, under no circumstances should she be left in charge of children, while adults do errands. She is responsible for all at the pool, and cannot take on individual requests for help. We ask your cooperation in use of toys, and balls during times when the pool is well occupied.
  • A new post was placed at the entrance speed bump, and a portable speed bump is on order to help reduce speed on Sea Pines Drive.
  • Please do not use the tennis backboard before 9am.

Thanks to everyone who is using the Clubhouse lot for extra cars. It really helps reduce our congestion in some areas during this busy time of year as we are so short of parking spaces.

Have a wonderful August at Sea Pines. The annual "good bye" party will be on Saturday, August 25, with hosts Jim Fowler, and Richard Rose planning the event. See you all there.


Elizabeth Ann Liddle
Chair, FMB