February 1, 1991

Dear Homeowners:

The Sea Pines Facilities Management Board met on Saturday, January 26, 1991, at the Clubhouse, a cold, clear winter's day at the Cape.

There is great evidence of work going on at Sea Pines during this so-called quiet time of year. Major pruning has been done throughout the grounds and most noticeable around the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse also appears somewhat in shambles. The sides of the building were infested with termites so major repair is taking place. This condition (termites) seems to be increasing, thus, one of the reasons for the major pruning around all the buildings. The majority of new street signs are up and provide a new, organized look as you drive down Sea Pines Drive. Oh yes, I must not forget. The kitchen in the clubhouse has been completely redone flooring, formica walls, newly painted appliances and Vera's favorite - a new fancy trash can.

Back to streets, we (John Lobingier) found that Landing Lane will maintain its name. The Brewster Town Planning Board has made a decision and Landing Lane will not have to change its name. I thank the residents of Phase I for their response several years ago to the questionnaire and since then I had done research on a number of residences, year round residences and signage at Landing Lane. Our work paid off, if you agreed we should keep our name. I believe this issue is now settled.

The Board meeting focused on the Reasonable Rules and Regulations. At Committee Chair's, Larry Bernhardt's and Board members suggestions, we made some minor revisions. Larry also submitted a one page set of Rules and Regulations for homeowners to use with renters and/or guests. The revised edition of these materials will be sent out approximately April 1.

Bob Sheils, at the Board's request, has studied how we might enforce our rules and regulations and perhaps use our right (by-laws) to fine offenders. The biggest problem seems to be parking, and the second, misuse of patio/porch fences for drying towels. The issue of how to enforce rules without becoming a "police state" seems to be a concern. Further discussion on enforcement of rules will be considered at the March Board Meeting. We thank Bob for his recommendations.

I believe it is also important for homeowners to know that at our executive session of the Board, the Board decided to proceed with a foreclosure action against a homeowner for delinquent payment of maintenance fees. Cost for the procedure will be paid by the homeowner. Our increasing costs and the need for Sea Pines to continue to flourish, during what may be difficult times for some unit owners, makes this action necessary. I certainly hope we can keep such procedures at the very minimum.

We are moving toward Spring and Summer as bids are out for painting, landscaping and decks and new fencing around the pool are in the offing.

Warm wishes to all,

Elizabeth Ann Liddle, Chair, FMB