March 25, 1991

Dear Homeowner:

Rain and sleet was not exactly what I expected for the first week-end of Spring at Sea Pines, but then I think I forget Spring in the Northeast. The agenda of the Facilities Management Board which met on Saturday, March 23, was an excellent up-date on progress over the winter and a look ahead at tasks for the upcoming season.

The Board approved painting contracts for Phase I and II, a chimney repair contract and a new landscape and mowing contract. This year, the Board agreed not to hire another half-time person for mowing, but to contract out the mowing this year only, thus allowing our maintenance personnel to focus on the numerous jobs to be done. For example, 31 decks need repair or replacement, the swimming pool fence will be completely rebuilt, and new fences are needed on a number of patios.

Already you will see that major pruning has been done at Sea Pines. As a homeowner, you need to be aware that bushes, trees, etc. will be pruned three feet from all buildings. We have had major problems with rotting boards as well as termites, so there is a serious need for this more extensive pruning. Personally, I thought where work had been done, the landscaping looked good.

It's great to have the new signage and for all of it to be consistent.

After more discussion of how to regulate (enforce) our "Reasonable Rules and Regulations", the Board decided to take an approach that all homeowners would try to be cooperative and that we did not want warnings, fines, or other "police state" techniques for enforcement. This puts our trust in you. You will receive the revised "Rules" and a new one page "Rules for Renters & Guests" at the Annual Meeting.

By May, we hope that the small room in the Clubhouse (formerly used for meetings/bridge) will be a Fitness Room with a treadmill, bicycle, and rowing machines. We hope adults will use this equipment.

PLEASE - Again we request, Do Not Use Your Disposal. The use of this mechanism plays havoc with the septic system.

I look forward to the next trip down to Brewster with Spring flowers in full bloom!


Betty Ann Liddle, Chairman
Facilities Management Board