June 3, 1991

Dear Neighbors:

The Special Meeting in lieu of the 18th Annual Meeting was held May 26, 1991. A quorum of all Phases was present shortly after the meeting was begun. A moment of silent reflection was held for Ben Covino, Peg Crosby, and Dorothy Price, who passed away during the year.

John Lobingier, co-chair of the Grounds and Maintenance Committee highlighted the various projects accomplished during the year.

  • Painting
  • Chimney repair
  • Siding and leaks
  • Clubhouse upgrade with the addition of a new exercise room

Bob Grogan presented the financial report for Sea Pines.

At this point, a quorum of all Phases was present and the minutes of last year were accepted. The meeting proceeded to elect new members to the various Phase boards.

Robert Leone Richard Nelson
Carol Smith Bernie Phaneuf
Dorothy Pendergast
Fred Price Jim Fowler
Eliott Stone George Levitt

Under other business, a MOTION from the floor by Frank Pease that the Grounds and Maintenance Committee have only one FMB board member on it was amended, after discussion, to reflect the motion as a suggestion to the new FMB board. Voted and APPROVED.

A hearty round of applause was given to Betty Ann Liddle for her two years as Chair of the FMB. The Phase board members then retired to the four corners of the auditorium to vote for President of each Phase. They chose two members in addition to the President for representation on the FMB board. The results were:

Carol Smith - President Bernie Phaneuf - President
Robert Leone Bob Sheils
Richard Rose Evelyn Donnelly
George Malone - President Jim Fowler - President
Betty Pease Larry Bernhardt
Louise Sullivan Hy Kraft

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am with the new FMB members meeting at the Clubhouse to elect officers of the FMB for 1991-92. The results were:

  • Chairman - Jim Fowler
  • Vice Chairman - Bernie Phaneuf
  • Treasurer - Bob Grogan
  • Secretary - Vera Fields

Members and chairman for the various standing committees at Sea Pines were solicited and formed. The starting members are:

  • Grounds and Maintenance - John Lobingier/Larry Bernhardt (Co-chairs)
  • Tennis - Lloyd McDonald
  • Pool - Irene Fowler
  • Boating - Herb Lipson
  • By-Laws - Joe Herlihy
  • Insurance - John Phelan
  • Security - Vera Fields/Richard Rose (Co-chairs)
  • Front Entrance - Judy Bernhardt
  • Special Events -Ad hoc by various FMB members and Beverly Smith
  • Clubhouse - Vera Fields
These assignments are not complete; hopefully more full-timers and summer residents will volunteer for committees where they can contribute. Active participation by committing whatever time you can is needed. Active committees are an important part of continuing to make Sea Pines one of the finest condominium complexes on the Cape.

Along the same lines, I feel as the new Chair - FMB that the board needs to continue to set appropriate policy for our managing agent, Mercantile Property Management and the various standing committees. This can be accomplished by being responsive to homeowner's needs by measuring these needs against the complex as a whole. This dynamic balance is not easy to maintain with 151 unique families. Establishing common goals for the various committees and Mercantile will continue to require much consideration and thought.

Towards that end, I feel that an interim review of Mercantile Management's post-performance and future goals is needed. We are in year two of a three year contract and a review at this time will help us evaluate the course of maintenance, repair, and management of our complex. We can provide correction if needed and solicit input from Mercantile on appropriate projects or management practices that will make Sea Pines a better place to live.

This evaluation dialogue is timely, as I feel that the process of reserving for long term capital projects needs review. I have talked with Bob Grogan, the Grounds & Maintenance co-chairs and Mercantile about this and have scheduled a series of informal meetings over the summer to review and make recommendations to the FMB.

In closing, I wonder if we are missing a chance to utilize the hidden resources that the individual Phase boards could provide. Does it make sense to have a schedule of individual Phase meetings on a regular basis? These meetings could provide input to the FMB reflecting homeowner needs from each Phase. Is the present method of electing members to the Phase board appropriate, maximizing the input and resource use present in each Phase? These are ongoing concerns for many Sea Pine residents that need to be addressed. I'm sure there are others. I'd like to hear from you if you have common Sea Pines issues that for whatever reasons haven't been heard or resolved. Some thoughts after a beautiful May 25 weekend at Sea Pines.


Jim Fowler, Chairman
Facilities Management Board

P.S. Judy Bernhardt wishes to thank everyone who helped with the Front Entrance planting.