July 19, 1991

Dear Neighbors:

The July FMB meeting was an active one with a variety of issues talked about. The Grounds Committee reported that we have a continuing problem with the septic system in Cluster 5. The issue of how to ascertain the problems was discussed and a proposal using optics will be checked out and presented at the next meeting.

A unit owner asked why we painted siding, then removed it, and painted the new. Didn't we use any foresight? In answering this, the Grounds Committee raised an important issue in externally unverifiable dry rot of siding in many units.

The dry rot happens when the grout work around the tub and bathroom window areas in many units fails over time. Water leaks into the area between the tile/tub and outside siding, rotting the studs, floor joists, and siding. When the unit owner needs to replace or repair tile, structural dry rot is noticed. This is not obvious from the outside.

Although the repair and replacement of the studs, floor joints and blueboard in bathroom areas is the responsibility of the complex, tiling is not. New tile is expensive and we expend serious money in these unforeseen repairs. The maintenance of the grouting will greatly reduce these problems and is the homeowners responsibility. Silicone caulk is inexpensive and easy to apply on a regular basis. If you have any questions about whether your unit has a problem or the procedure to maintain the watertight integrity of your window/tub area, please call Mercantile at 508-888-1885 and arrange to have Mike or Jeff look at it and advise.

Water problems loom large at Sea Pines. A unit owner had a second floor washing machine hose fail causing considerable ceiling and kitchen damage below. Sea Pines has an "all in" policy and the unit will be rebuilt to original specification less depreciation.

This unfortunate problem should remind all of us to check our washing machine hoses at least once a year and replace them every four years. Each water supply line to the machine should have a shut off valve and these valves should be turned off when the machine is not in use.

Water issues of a different type come up when we have summer use of our pool. There is a continuing misunderstanding of the age at which young people can use the pool with or without adult supervision.

The law states that no person under the age of 16 may use the pool without an adult (18 years or older) being present. This adult may be Joanne, our pool attendant, when she is present at the pool. Those times she isn't present, Mondays and other days after 5pm, an adult must accompany the young person.

In addition, Sea Pines pool regulations state that if the child is under 12 years, the child must be accompanied by a parent, adult or guardian even if the pool attendant is present. By having an adult member of a family present when one child or more under 12 use the pool, we prevent "babysitting" by the pool attendant. A group of young people from 12 years to nearly 16 may use the pool with the attendant present; otherwise an adult is required.

In general, even adults should not use the pool without someone else present, It's just good sense.

Speaking of good sense, we Sea Pines people should review the setting off of fireworks on the beach on the 4th. It's illegal and setting these off is dangerous. We had a large threatening grass fire near the boat area. Only rapid response by the local fire department and the moving of the boats prevented serious loss.

July 4 brought many people back to Sea Pines. The mixed weather didn't prevent Nancy Solomon and Larry Yellen from being the top point getters in the annual Sea Pines Tennis round robin. A great time and a little champagne was had by all. Hats off to Lloyd MacDonald for running a perfectly enjoyable event. However, your chairman needs to get his game in order. I'm looking forward to doing that this summer at Sea Pines and seeing all of you.


Jim Fowler
Chairman FMB