August 26, 1991

Dear Neighbors:

July brought some beautiful weather and a mixed bag of issues for the FMB to consider.

There was concern about having young un-toilet-trained diapered children in the pool. After much talk, the FMB voted to add to the Reasonable Rules that young children cannot wear diapers in the pool and must wear a bathing suit. The thought behind this is that parents will know when their children have had a bowel movement and with the added protection of a suit, toilet accidents can be minimized. Urine issues are taken care of by chlorination, but feces are problematic for our filtering system, never mind in other ways. In addition, we are going to enforce our "no ball playing rule" at the pool.

The issue of pets at Sea Pines has come up again with the FMB voting to seek a legal opinion on how to proceed with a Reasonable Rule animal policy. A homeowner has suggested that each master condominium policy has a very restrictive and unenforceable rule about dog ownership. It may be possible to formulate a change to the wording at the Annual Meeting to remove the restriction. I will have a committee look at this and make a recommendation to the Board.

The pool fence is being replaced, and the issue of where to terminate the fence will be discussed at the August FMB meeting. By potentially changing the fence termination point, we might increase the area for pool functions we were previously unable to consider. Issues of trees at the pool edge could be resolved and a controlled picnic/eating area might be considered.

Finally, the FMB voted to have a consultant review our 1986 reserving policy. Charles Stuart is a certified property manager with a strong background in assessing future maintenance needs for condominium complexes. He did our last evaluation, and I will bring you up to date when the evaluation is completed.


Jim Fowler, Chairman FMB