October 8, 1991

Dear Neighbors:

The September FMB meeting signals the fall and winter seasons at Sea Pines. The pool was closed for the season and the remains of Hurricane Bob were largely taken care of. The resulting debris from the fallen branches and twigs generated a huge mound of mulch which was spread over a large portion of common ground. A good example of "making lemonade from lemons."

The preliminary assessment of damage was unclear at September's meeting. An update will be presented at the October 26 FMB meeting. However, as of October 8, we were reimbursed a net of $17,950 for all damage and the expenditures to date were $13,158 with much of the work done "in house". With any luck, we will correct all damage within the $17,950.

The Grounds committee has recommended that each Phase President look into underground watering systems for grass areas that do not have them in place. As an example, to sprinkler Grove lane, each owner would pay $260. It seems from a water conservation point of view each phase should proceed with this. Let your Phase President know how you stand on this issue.

The issue of pet ownership and control is continuing to be discussed. A motion to table any motions was approved. This will give us time to solicit opinions from homeowners on this issue. Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Please write or call me or your Phase President. We'd like to hear from you.

The budgeting process is under way for fiscal 1992. We'll be reviewing the preliminary figures at the October 26 FMB meeting.

Mercantile Property Management gave the FMB a one page report as an overview of their relationship with Sea Pines. We'll be discussing this report, adding our comments and yours in an effort to fine tune what I feel has been a successful year of their managing our property.

I'm happy to report we reached closure on the long standing litigation with CMJ on the firewall and septic system issue in Cluster 5. We have settled out of court with the firewall issue not being contested as it was built to the code in place at the time. The study to find the underground layout of the septic plumbing was resolved by CMJ giving Sea Pines $1,000 to perform the study. This amount will be set aside in case the study is needed. Technology has advanced to the point where electronic and isotope methodologies can accurately place the pipes for a cost under $1,000.

On this positive note, I hope to see many of you this fall. It's a great season at Sea Pines.


Jim Fowler
Chairman FMB