February 14, 1992

Dear Neighbors:

Sea Pines was gray and bitterly cold on the 25th of January. I walked to the beach and there wasn’t a footprint in the sand. What a contrast to Spring and Summer! The meeting of the FMB was warm and productive in contrast to the weather. After a few months of considerations, the FMB voted in a revision to the Reasonable Rules and Regulations on Pets. Bob Leone’s original motion was slightly modified and the rule reads as follows:

5. PETS Permissible are one dog and cat per unit. Outdoors, all dogs must be leashed at all times. The Town of Brewster Dog officer will be permitted access to all Sea Pines’ common areas to respond to calls for the removal of unleashed dogs. For the protection of the health of Sea Pines, residents and guests (especially small children), no dogs are allowed on the beach from June 1 to September 30. Dogs are not allowed in the Clubhouse or pool area at anytime or in grass areas or garden plots. No pets may be left unattended in common areas.

My subjective feeling is that this comes close to attending to pet issues at Sea Pines. We have in fact had dogs and cats here and this outlines a reasonable rule regarding Sea Pines’ pets.

There was a lively discussion, pro and con, on changing the election procedure of members to the FMB in the previous months. I have received letters that have been equally balanced for change and against. There were suggestions that owners send in absentee ballots to whomever they would like to represent them and that person need not be the President of the phase. Another suggestion was that we open nominations in the early Spring via correspondence. A motion was made, with no second, that we retain the current procedure but clarify the proxy statement so that they can elect whomever they wish.

In the end, the consensus was to form a committee of Vera Fields, Bob Shields, Bob Leone, and Frank Pease. They will compose a letter to request a broader participation in Phase elections and administration. It should be noted that the F.M.B can’t force any phase board to revise its nomination procedures, since each Phase is a separate condominium entity in itself. However, as each of the four Phases have joined in a common FMB, it seems reasonable to solicit and gauge the desire of homeowners to participate in a more active fashion.

The FMB also voted to finance a sprinkler and well system from reserve funds up to $35,000. The fund to be repaid out of water and labor savings over a 6 year period, $1,750 the 1st year, then $8,085 annually over the next five years. The repayment schedule includes interest.

This motion was approved unanimously. The sprinkler and wells are considered a non-capital item. They would be replacing the hoses, water and labor used to maintain the attractiveness of Sea Pines common grass areas. Using well water and freeing our maintenance group to do more productive tasks are just part of the benefits. The payback on the funds is reasonable. The resulting savings after 6 years will continue. An internally sprinklered system will enhance the value of Sea Pines property. A comment on already installed sprinklers. Many of the things each homeowner does to the common area near their units i.e., plantings, trees, etc. are really gifted to all of Sea Pines as they become common area property and are maintained as such. The FMB viewed previously installed sprinklers in the same way and agreed that no reimbursements would be made towards these gifts.

I’ve been notified by Continental Cablevision that there will be a complete re-wiring of Sea Pines for cable tv in the Fall. The current system and the new system will coexist for a time and then switched over. The Spring and Summer reception will not be affected. I am told that the Fall switch-over will have no effect on service.

Finally, on this cold day, there has been a continued search for alternative heating other than electric. The response to the gas company survey was underwhelming. Perhaps the percentage of owners living or using their units during the Fall and Winter is too small to interest the gas company. The cost may be too high to convert, and the payback too long, especially for those on fixed incomes.

In any event, there are owners who would like to convert to gas or fuel oil. These conversions, in many cases, require the use of attached garages. For those conversions without garages, there would need to be a covering or shed.

In light of this, the FMB needs to explore all of the issued related to use of common areas, liability, maintenance safety, condominium law issues, etc. As always, your input on this needed and wanted. Please feel free to call or write me or your phase President. Or better yet, come to the February 29 meeting at 8:30am at the Clubhouse. See you then.


Jim Fowler, Chairman
Facilities Management Board