March 24, 1992

Dear Neighbors:

The old saying that "March roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb" seems true to me. February 29 (March 1 in regular years) was blustery with gale winds, sleet and snow. The ocean churned a brown-blue, very fierce and foreboding.

Despite the weather, we had a quorum for the FMB meeting and managed to get some work done. The nomination letter committee generated a two-page draft that, with modifications, will be sent to each homeowner. The letter requests nominations for the position on each Phase Board that are up for election this year. In addition, there is a second sheet asking that you consider serving on one or more of the committees that Sea Pines has.

The FMB and Phase members hope that this solicitation will open the process to more homeowners. More active involvement by a large number of homeowners will keep Sea Pines the vital place that it is. Please take the time to give thoughtful consideration in nominating to your board those people who want to contribute, who can contribute, and who will make the time to keep Sea Pines the great association it is.

The procedure is quite simple. Nominate as many as you see fit, including yourself. Fill out the second page, including your name and the committees you wish to contribute to. It is important that you fill out the letter even if you are unable to serve on any Sea Pines committees. Return the filled our letter to your Phase President or Mercantile Property Management by April 15, 1992.

Phase I Carol Smith Phase III Bernie Phaneuf
44 Landing Lane 21 Friendship Lane
Brewster, MA 02631 Brewster, MA 02631
(508)896-3104 (508)896-5459
Phase II George Malone Phase IV Jim Fowler
7 Grove Lane 54 Barnard Avenue
Brewster, MA 02631 Watertown, MA 02172
(508)896-3104 (508)924-6597
Mercantile Property Management, Inc.
116 State Road, PO Box 1190
Buzzards Bay, MA 02532
Attn: Kevin T. Dixon

Each Phase has a slightly different letter. In the case of Phase I & IV those nominated and who indicate their willingness to serve on the Phase Board will be called to verify their willingness to serve. They, in turn, will be submitted as candidates for the open positions that will be elected at the Annual meeting. In Phases II and III, the suggested nominees will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee, residing in their respective Phases. These committees will then present a slate for election at the Annual meeting. The number of positions open each year varies by Phase. Generally, there are several 2 year positions but if one wanted to be on the Board, 1 year positions can be opened. Each Phase Board elects three of its members to the FMB; the Phase President and two others. These three are elected annually.

If you have any questions, please contact your Phase President or me. I hope March goes out like a lamb and we have some Spring weather for our March FMB meeting. Come if you can, March 28 at 8:30am at the Clubhouse.

See you there.

Jim Fowler
President - FMB