July 17, 1992

Dear Neighbors:

Water in its various forms is a common thread in many Sea Pines issues this summer.

The FMB met on June 26 and the well digging project was reviewed. The board was notified by the Grounds Committee that our well project must be approved by the Brewster Board of Health. Their engineer indicated pool water must be potable and be from a source 250 ft. from any septic system, a requirement we can't conform to. As a result we will use town water in our pool. The cost is minimal - $100/yr.

Water in water heaters is a problem that may not concern many homeowners this summer. However, now is the best time to replace your original equipment water heater. If you still have the original heater, you are living on borrowed time. A heater failure and its replacement is a disaster no homeowner needs.

Please call a local plumber and arrange for a new one. The cost is reasonable compared to the damage it causes when it fails.

The drainage system to prevent water damage to the lower tennis courts is nearly complete. The resurfacing of the courts will be done later in the fall, so as not to prevent their use during the summer season.

Local banks are afraid of water too. A homeowner with a waterfront unit and who started to refinance their unit were faced with the demand for a survey and/or flood insurance (including wind, velocity). Our insurance company has stated that we are not in a flood plain and no insurance is required. However, the bank is adamant on this point since the bank will be unable to sell the note to Fannie Mae. No insurance, no refinance.

In light of this, the board voted to insure all of Phase IV against flood and wind damage, with the $950 cost to be borne by the homeowner requiring the insurance.

The Association will have a survey done to determine if we are in a wind and flood plain. Depending on the outcome, the Association may elect to purchase flood/wind insurance and, at that time, we will reimburse the homeowner.

The Attorney Search Committee has selected and recommended two for interviews by the FMB (Sherburne Powers, Esq. of Needham, MA and Roger V. O'Day of Harwichport). Both candidates will be at the July FMB meeting.

In closing, I would like to ask each homeowner to check the outdoor lights to the side of each unit entrance. Many times birds nest there in the spring and leave their dry nests behind, which are fire hazards. Please remove them after the occupants have left.

Next FMB meeting is July 25 at 8:30am in the Clubhouse. Please come if you can.


Jim Fowler - Chairman FMB