August 24, 1992

Dear Neighbors:

Our July 25 FMB Meeting was held on a perfect summer day at Sea Pines. Judging by the weather we've seen lately it was one of the few sunny days on the Cape. This season is one of the rainiest in recent memory.

A local bank is "raining on our parade" relative to a Sea Pines resident looking to refinance. We purchased velocity/flood plain insurance for $950 for Bluff 1-16 in Phase IV and Dune 11-14 in Phase III in an effort to obtain financing. Either through misunderstanding or a change in position at the bank, this insurance is judged inadequate and all of Phase IV needs insurance. The disgruntled homeowner went to another bank and, I am told, was able to arrange financing.

The sense of local real estate and insurance people is that we need to ascertain whether we're in a flood plain or not. We are soliciting bids for a survey to settle this once and for all. We'll decide whether to cancel the $950 policy at the next meeting.

The Grounds and Maintenance Committee has been very active. The clubhouse parking area has been seal coated and blacktop repair has been done throughout the complex.

We're reviewing lighting for footpath and looking to upgrade existing lighting. Bids are being solicited. The Grounds Committee is continuing to look at irrigation design for the wells project. Two test borings have been done. The committee will report their progress at the August meeting.

From time to time, the beach has extensive seaweed washed up on it. Sometimes the tides take it away, sometimes not. This ebb and flow makes cleaning of the beach a hit or miss proposition. The Beach Committee itself is split on whether we would be proactive in removing the seaweed or let nature have its way. The sense of the FMB and so voted was for Management to police the beach expeditiously as possible within the budget of $3,000. The daily policing of the beach by our maintenance crew for dangerous debris, such as washed up boards with nails, seemed to be the main concern.

Sea Pines continues to be well maintained, thanks to caring homeowners and a great maintenance crew. I think the front entrance with all the plantings in bloom are spectacular! Hats off to Judie Bernhardt and the Planting Committee.

In closing, I'd like to comment about our bulletin board in the Clubhouse. We seem to be having a bulletin board war over the right of a homeowner to post his circular about the use of pesticides on the grass at Sea Pines. The bulletin was torn down, anonymously placed in the waste basket, reported by another homeowner who asserted the rights of all and this note was commented on by another homeowner with a suggested procedure the first person should follow. There was another comment by the second homeowner that I couldn't read, they ran out of paper.

This paper communication is a sign of how difficult and emotional some issues are. The pesticides issue is an important one and shouldn't be thrown in a basket. However, the bulletin board isn't the forum to resolve this issue. Coming to a FMB or Grounds meeting would be!

Let's use the Bulletin Board for "d: a brief statement of news considered to be of outstanding importance or interest and made public at the earliest possible moment" or "a: a brief statement from an official source concerning the current status of issues of prolonged interest" - Webster's Third.

Articles on IRATE, the Outfall pipe, news of regatta, bridge tournaments, births, deaths, lost and found - all seem appropriate.

Issues requiring in depth discussion are best done face to face in the proper forum. We get things done that way.


Jim Fowler - Chairman FMB