November 23, 1992

Dear Neighbors:

I spent the weekend of the 21st at Sea Pines. It was cool (in the 50's) and rainy. No one on the beach, just seagulls on a grey/blue overcast day. This late fall weather still allows pruning and cleanup to continue. The first two well pumps are being wired for use on summer days next summer.

Heavy summer use of Sea Pines is one of the major reasons for nine (9) of our septic systems needing pumping. It cost us $900 to pump, but $3,000 to dispose of at the Orleans facility! We are going to use appropriate bio-materials to help our systems digest waste. We'll monitor the other systems closely.

This unexpected need to pump nine (9) systems serves as an expensive reminder to use kitchen and toilet facilities appropriately. Use only white toilet paper and dispose of other personal hygiene materials in the trash. Garbage disposals are the other major contributor to full and blocked, septic systems.

In general, don't use your garbage disposal. If you need to, only dispose of materials that, at a different time and under different conditions, would be fit for human consumption. Animal fat, shells, corn cobs, etc. do not biodegrade easily.

The FMB is continuing discussion on velocity/flood plain class. This discussion, and its resolution, impacts all of us. Many banks and lending institutions require a positive determination of velocity/flood plain class for Sea Pines before they will finance any real estate transaction or issue particular types of insurance. After some examination, it seems that only a civil engineering survey will resolve these issues. Questions concerning whether just the "waterfront" or all of Sea Pines need the survey still remain. Mercantile is researching survey companies and requesting quotations. I feel we need to resolve this as there are no accurate surveys of Sea Pines for boundaries, septic lines, velocity/flood plain areas or electrical cable service.

Speaking of cable service, Cablevision will be rewiring all of Sea Pines. In order to accomplish this, they will need access to all units. It's not clear how this can be accomplished, so the FMB has asked Mercantile and Cablevision for an installation procedure. I'll report the outcome in future notes.

Finally, the budget. We made a first pass at FY 1993 and came within 1.6% of a balanced, no increase budget. We'll finalize the budget at the December 5 meeting. The meeting is open to all and we'd like your input. See you December 5 at 8:30am at the Clubhouse.


Jim Fowler Chairman FMB