Sea Pines Homeowners Association
Brewster, MA 02631

September 8, 1995

Hi Neighbor:

Yup, summer is winding down! Our Insurance Committee, working with our Grounds and Maintenance Committee, are finalizing a notice to be sent to all homeowners regarding precautions and consequences of water damage in our unit.

I'm sure that you will all agree that Jason, our pool attendant, has done a great job. The Board personally thanked him. It was agreed that the pool will be closed this year on Sunday, September 17 at 5pm.

There have been reports of unit owners renting their units short-term, in violation of the by-laws. With the assistance of our attorney, one case has been successfully resolved. We will continue to monitor this problem.

Finally, the Board approved money to replace appliances and repair the counter in the clubhouse. This will make for better parties.

The tennis court surface has been repaired. Now, the fence is coming apart. We'll get out the band-aids.

We had a good turnout at our August 26, 1995 Board meeting. Our next Board meeting, in the clubhouse, will be held on September 30, 1995 at 8:30am. Please join us, meet your neighbors and see how some rough decisions are "hammered out". We are already thinking about next year's budget, so give the Board your input and support.

Hope to see you all soon. Enjoy!

Deane Keuch
FMB Chairman