December, 1995

Hi Neighbor:

The stakes are up to guide the snowplow, but no snow so far!

More good news ... after two long meetings, we have a balanced budget! A normally expected increase in maintenance fees will not be necessary. In fact, we may be able to announce a refund to homeowners at the Annual Meeting in May. Our accountant has advised that a reserve fund (painting) may be subject to tax, so we may decide to liquidate it rather than allow it to be taxed.

With the Board's approval I signed off on the new fence around the lower two tennis courts. We hope that it is replaced before it falls down from a good noreaster!

We have a new brick walkway at the entrance to the clubhouse. You'll like it.

We plan on having our insurance broker familiarize us with our current insurance coverage at the next Board meeting on January 27, 1996. Maybe we'll find out if we are on a "flood plain"! ATTEND IF YOU ARE IN THE AREA.

Many of us received a questionnaire from the Brewster tax assessor's office. You can:

  1. provide the requested data and sketch;
  2. make an appointment with the tax assessor to visit your unit;
  3. ignore the form and cross your fingers.

If a tax adjustment results that you do not agree with, you will probably have to file an appeal to the state.

The Board is receptive to constructive comments about mail boxes in the clubhouse. Would you be interested in renting a larger box?

It was emphasized at the recent Board meeting that Mike and Jeff (our maintenance staff) are employees of Mercantile Property Management, not Sea Pines. Any requests for their services will have to be processed through Mercantile Property Management at 508-888-1885.

Tis the season to be jolly! We hope you enjoy your holidays!

The next Facilities Management Board meeting will be held on Saturday, January 27, 1996 at 8:30am at the clubhouse (at the end of the new red brick road!). ATTEND IF YOU CAN.

Deane Keuch
FMB Chairman