Summer 2003

bGrounds & Maintenance Committee Report

Deck and Patio Fireplaces and Propane Tanks
There have been requests from owners about installing outdoor fireplaces. The Brewster fire Department was consulted. The NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) does not have enough data at this time to make a final decision, but as of now, they DO NOT recommend them.

Our by-laws state that no propane tanks of any kind are permitted on the second floor of any building. There have been 3 fires from propane grills in the past several years and great care needs to be taken when using them. The fire department regulations for first floor propane tanks state that the tank must be at least 10 ft. from any door or window and 20 ft. from any other type of opening, such as an air conditioning unit.

It might help for all of us to remember that any innovation we would like to make must always be thought of in terms of 151 units.

Owners need to complete a variance and forward to Mercantile Property Management or a Ground Committee member. The Grounds Committee meets once or twice a month to review requests. Members include: JoAnne Keuch (Chairperson), Sue Bowlin, Don Deneen, Betty Pease, Milt Powers.

The final work on this year's chimneys should be completed by the time you receive this Newsletter.

Speed Bump
A new speed bump will be installed between landing Lane and Grove Lane. None of us care much for these encumbrances, but too many people are speeding up between the entrance and Friendship Lane.

Just a reminder, an owner is entitled to one open space in the parking areas, plus any roofed space assigned. If an owner has more than two vehicles or uses his covered space for storage, all additional vehicles should be parked in the spaces near the clubhouse. Please do not park in the roads or on the lawns.

Need some Assistance?
If you need help on a repair and/or maintenance problem, the best and quickest way to get help is to call the Management Company office at 508-759-5555 (1-800-696-9449 in eastern Mass. only) or email at and your request will be relayed by the staff or Mercantile to Jeff, Kenny or as appropriate.

What's Happening on the Bluff
We finally received an Order of Conditions from the Brewster Conservation Commission and the bluff is being cut this month. All Sea Pines Drive homeowners have been sent a copy of the Order of Conditions and a partial copy of the site plan is posted at the clubhouse. All work should be completed by August 8.

For Boat Owners
Board Chairman, Deane Keuch, would like all boat owners who have boats in the water or stored somewhere on Sea Pines property, to register with him. The info he requests is the name and telephone number of the owner and the name and description of the boat. You can reach Deane at 508-896-5461.

Clubhouse Chairperson
The position of Clubhouse Chairperson is still open. There is some renovation that needs doing and a budget for it too! If you are interested, give Ken Jameson a call at 508-896-2100.

Tennis, Pool, Beach, Boating, Play Area
We hope that you are enjoying the beautiful weather and wonderful amenities in our community. Relax, enjoy and be a friendly neighbor!

Rules & Regulations
Please review and follow all the rules and regulations which help us to maintain a harmonious environment. A partial list of the more frequent violations is enclosed along with the pool rules. Contact Mercantile Property Management if you need a complete set of the Rules & Regulations.

Roadways and Pedestrians
Drivers must be on guard for those walking, jogging and bike riding along our roads. Several close encounters have occurred between motorists and bike riders.


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