Sea Pines Homeowners Association Monthly News

May 10, 2006

Dear Neighbor,

The monthly FMB meeting was held Saturday April 30, 2006. There were approximately 30 homeowners present.

Treasurer's report was given by Craig McGowan in Frank Fiorentino's absence. We are close to budget for the year as snow removal has been lower than expected. We are still evaluating how the storm damage will reflect on final figures.

Grounds and maintenance reported shrub replacement is almost complete; power washing is being done in Phase II as well as repairs to damaged siding prior to painting. Bids for irrigation in Friendship and a contract was awarded to Irrigation Specialists (our current vendor) to do the work.

Bluff committee report was given by Dave Sullivan. We have applied for a one year extension to the current order of conditions. During the coming year we need to apply for a new one.

The by-law review committee recommendation for updated rules and regulations was approved you should be receiving them shortly.

Re-lining of the pool is currently being done and we should be open by the end of May. Scheduled chimney repairs are to begin in May.

Management reported no sales or leases.

Legal Corner: A summary judgment hearing is scheduled for June 6th on the garage matter. A court date has been set for November in the abutter issue, and a complaint has been filed by a homeowner seeking an injunction stopping us from implementing the new by-laws approved by more than 2/3 of each condominium.

A motion passed (6-2) to hire a security guard 5 days a week Thursday to Monday beginning the last week in June for 8 weeks. Cost not to exceed $10,000. Discussion as this is not a budgeted item. The feeling of the majority is that outsiders are entering Sea Pines and using the beach and pool. The guard will discourage this.

The next meeting of the FMB will be Saturday May 27, 2006 at 8:30am in the clubhouse. Annual meeting will be the next day Sunday May 28. We look forward to seeing everyone as summer is almost here.

After three years, this will be my last newsletter. Thanks to everyone for their support and nice comments. I hope this type of communication continues as we enter the coming "Sea Pines" year.


Richard Rose, For the FMB