August 30, 2008

Dear Neighbors,

Labor Day comes nigh and I come to report information collected at the FMB meeting conducted today. Before I move there, I must note that I was proud that many owners attended today's meeting! That makes Board members feel more integrated with the community (unless the noose is thrown over the rafter in the big room to the applause of the assembly!).

Financials. Revenue and expenditures are on budget but some items off target have balanced out the bottom line. Treasurer Fiorentino opined that he wants larger contributions to the reserve accounts. This latter statement apparently signals larger future financial needs that are being studied by the Reserves Committee. [By the way, the Reserves and Management Committees will be meeting at 3pm on Friday, September 26, to address budget issues for 2009. The next FMB meeting is scheduled for the following day.]

Grounds and Maintenance. Chairperson Keuch noted that recycling bins are in place near the Clubhouse and in the shed close to the beach path. The contractor takes only plastic types 1 and 2 (not including Amex!) which are typically small items such as milk bottles and food containers. TVs with plastic, plastic toys and styrofoam are the type of items that should not be placed in these bins, but instead in the trash. Newspapers and magazines should be placed in the sheds as before, but please note that cardboard will not be recycled on the Cape.

Bluff. Representative Dalton, having just declined two invitations to run as a VP candidate, reported that the Bluff was pruned early in August and that the related expenditures are within the budget as adjusted by the FMB.

Insurance. The firm of Phelan and Morse produced a pleasing report regarding the premiums for the Association's insurance. They negotiated a reduction of $13,000 from the premium payment for the last coverage year that ends tomorrow. We still have a $10,000 deductible for storm damage unless the storm has a name (Yes, it must be a person if it has a name!) and then the deductible is 2 percent of the claim; last year it was 5 percent. There is no coverage for floods as has been the situation in recent years; the Committee will seek information on the costs to obtain insurance for flood damage to the units closest to the Bay.

Management. Manager McGowan led a discussion on the process for soliciting and evaluating bids, and financing of siding for the approximately 30 residences closest to the Bay. The request for proposals is going out very soon and the bidders will be asked to price the costs for different alternatives. The FMB then will seek financing for the most appropriate project. An engineering firm has been providing necessary guidance to the Reserves Committee during this process. Mercantile will send a letter to owners: a) warning that the areas nearest the Bay will look like a war zone during the construction period this Fall and Winter; b) explaining likely problems with wiring entering the houses; and c) explaining that owners may directly contract with, and pay for, the contractor to replace windows and doors if desired, although most of these owners evidently have already replaced their windows and doors.

Legal. The abutter to the west of Sea Pines has filed a law suit alleging that the placement of boats is interfering with his easement to the beach and his right to use the beach. Sea Pines has filed its response. No action is imminent.

Beach. The renowned Terry Milligan explained the matter before the Brewster Conservation Commission (CC) related to the dunes and boat storage. Over a long period of time we have co-operated with the CC by planting grasses and installing fences. The storage of small boats may be affecting the second dune that developed with the placing of these grasses and fences. We are now working with the CC to develop racks for storage of boats and mooring the larger boats, such as sun fish, on the beach. The CC is scheduled to address the proposal at the meeting scheduled for September 9.

Boats. Boat owners are asked to address the storage of their boats. Mercantile will send a letter to each owner that has registered a boat with Sea Pines. Those who may not have registered are reminded to conform to the rules published elsewhere on the website.

Other "Stuff".

  1. Owners are reminded of the need to know the rules and regulations, and that fines are administered when they do not abide by the published rules and regulations. It is the owners´┐Ż responsibility to eliminate any lack of knowledge and adherence in this regard. At today's meeting, an owner was fined for failing to ensure that their rental broker submitted the proper rental notification forms to Management. Another owner was fined for making modifications to the common area without an approved variance. Being aware of and following these simple rules can help prevent such problems.

  2. On parking cars, owners are entitled to two spaces per residence and the garage (if the owner has one) counts as one such space. As for the second parking space, the rules are that any parking space can be used. If an owner/renter has 3 or more cars, every car after the 2nd must be parked at the Clubhouse. There are no separate guest parking spots except at the Clubhouse.

  3. Sea Pines owes a strong "thank you" to Bob Orem for his yeoman service to our community and the FMB. Bob and Joanne are selling their house at Sea Pines but will remain as tenants for a while longer.

For the FMB,

Jim Dalton