Sea Pines Homeowners Association Newsletter

August 11, 2012

Dear Neighbors,

About one more month of summer left at Sea Pines - let's make the most of it!

My wife and I got an object lesson a week ago in why it makes sense to keep your unit locked at all times, even when you're home. I could call it a home invasion but that would be melodramatic (but I said it anyway...) I'm upstairs doing laundry when I hear the front door open and what sounds like dogs coming in. I peek down and, sure enough, 2 people are coming in with 2 dogs. Having our two indoor cats in the house, this is not good. I run down and, with effort, shoo these people and their dogs out of our unit, still carrying my clean underwear from the laundry draped over my arm. (It's amazing what you don't think to do when you become suddenly and urgently focused on something else, like putting the laundry down?!) Turns out the two people were looking for 19 Landing Way for a one week rental and got very bad directions from their rental agency who pointed them to 19 Landing Lane and Sea Pines Drive. Oops. But it's amazing - they entered the unit even though it was unlocked, brought in their dogs without checking it out first and were apparently unfazed by our 42" LCD TV tuned to the Olympics and lunch on the table. Sure, what rental agency doesn't provide such services, right?? Darn good thing I was not in the shower, visiting a neighbor or down in the wine cellar. To protect our unit and most especially our cats, we'll now keep the unit locked at all times. That's annoying.

Landing Lane siding update: As I write this, the contract for the work is still being finalized/legalized and has not been signed. The work is scheduled to begin immediately after Labor Day using painted cedar shingles. Once the contract has been signed, a letter will go out to all Landing Lane owners describing what will happen, a tentative schedule, how required and voluntary window replacement will be handled and other considerations. Window replacement is voluntary and a price list for replacement windows and patio sliders will be made available. But once the siding is removed on a cluster, if the Project Engineer determines that a window is causing damage to a unit, that window must be immediately replaced (to keep the project on schedule) and at the homeowner's expense. Voluntary window replacement is, of course, paid for by the homeowner.

There have been several reports of babies/toddlers in the pool in regular diapers. This is a health hazard, cannot be tolerated and can cause the town to shut down the pool for 24-48 hours. Anyone requiring diapers must use swim diapers in the pool and will otherwise be told to leave the pool.

Please remember that the pool closes at 9pm. Tell your children and renters.

Sea Pines has long had building exterior and common area insurance by Travellers. The cost has been going up year after year, but at least we were still able to get insurance. But now Travellers has proposed a 30+% premium increase from $105,000 to more than $135,000. We are instead looking at getting insurance coverage in another way, with one company providing only wind damage coverage and another company providing the rest. It would still end up costing over $120,000, which remains a substantial increase.

The clubhouse bathroom renovations have been completed and look good.

There will be a Bluff Committee presentation on Saturday August 25 at 5pm in the Clubhouse. All are welcome to attend. Current and planned efforts to improve Bluff views will be discussed. The next FMB will be that same day at 8:30am in the Clubhouse.

An early warning: Boat and kayaks must be removed from the beach and the grassy area across from the Clubhouse parking lot by October 15.

The next Cocktail Party will be on Sunday September 2 at the Clubhouse from 5-7pm. You bring an appetizer or dessert and BYOB. Conversation and congeniality are supplied. Hope to see you there!


19 Landing Lane