Sea Pines Homeowners Association Newsletter

September 7, 2012

Dear Neighbors,

And so the off-season begins. For those full-timers and frequent part-timers, the fall and spring (and even parts of winter!) are special times at Sea Pines. It's suddenly quiet and slower, gradually less humid, that fall evening chill begins, Patriots football is once again on TV and, this year, we gratefully approach the end of a dreadful Red Sox season. Say hallelujah!

The contract for the Landing Lane residing project has been signed and work is expected to start in earnest by next Monday September 10. This project is being financed by taking $350,000 from the reserves and getting a second loan from Eastern Bank for another $350,000 at 4.5%. As part of this deal with the bank, the interest rate of the remaining loan from the Bluff siding project was renegotiated from 6.5% down to 4%. The same contractor used for the Bluff residing project will be used for this project. His name is Mark Schaefer.

This year, you need to pay attention to the warning about clearing out your things from the beach house by October 15 or have them thrown away. This year, the beach house will be emptied starting October 15. Anything left in there after this date will be discarded. No exceptions.

Boats must be removed from the kayak racks, the beach and the clubhouse lawn by October 15. Owners will be contacted if their boats are still there on October 8, as a reminder to remove them by the 15th. Boats still there after October 15 will be removed at the owner's risk and, as happened last year, owners will be fined.

The pool closes on September 24.

It never fails to amaze me what some people choose to put into the trash rooms for disposal.

That appears to be a child's paddle board, in good condition. Also in the cart: a large roll of chicken wire, an unopened package of vinyl coated wire fencing, a broken seed spreader, a medium sized cooler, a pole lamp, etc. All this stuff was in a single trash room. HEY FOLKS: This stuff is NOT picked up by our trash hauler. Instead, Jeff and Kenny are forced to load up their trucks with this stuff and haul it off to the Brewster dump. PLEASE: take this stuff to the Brewster dump yourself or take it back home with you when you leave and get rid of it at home.

Speaking of trash, please remember: no plastic bags in the recycle bins. If you use a plastic bag to get stuff to the bins, dump it out into the recycle bins then throw the bag away in a trash can.

Last Saturday was the first effort and this Saturday will be the second effort of the volunteer group headed up by Bob Wiesel and Jim Dalton to prune killing vines off as many trees as possible outside the managed Bluff zone (starting from the Sea Pines entrance.) You may not really notice much for a year or so since the vines are being cut at the base but not being removed. But believe me; this group of dedicated volunteers will help save a lot of Sea Pines trees.

Now the Landing Lane barbecue crowd is busy thinking about when the grills are put away. The crockpots will come out of hiding for our Sunday afternoon Patriot game get-togethers in front of the TV with home-made soup or chili or some other comfort food. Ahh... No matter the season, life at Sea Pines is good.


19 Landing Lane