Sea Pines Homeowners Association Newsletter

April 19, 2015

Dear Neighbors,

It's been nearly 5 months since the last newsletter. Perhaps you can guess why... This past winter has seen Sea Pines pummeled by one massive snowstorm or blizzard after another, at least through all of February, as demonstrated by the picture below. So very many thanks to Jeff Harrington and Ken Norman for their tireless efforts in trying to keep Sea Pines passable and livable during these many miserable days and weeks.

Thankfully, spring has [finally] taken over, the snow is gone, the beach is walkable, and grills have begun to stir from their hibernation. The winter storms definitely continue to have an impact on the beach. The start of the dunes now looks like cliffs instead of hills and sand continues to impinge on the beach path landing which is now thoroughly covered.

The re-siding work is nearing completion. Grove is close to being done and Friendship is well underway. Despite the unavoidable delays caused by the horrific winter weather, the contractor's crews were out there almost every day doing what they could, which often involved a lot of snow shoveling just to get to their equipment and supplies. Kudos to their dedication and tenacity!

The clubhouse meeting room renovations are complete and looking great! Some of the new furniture and decorations are in place and the rest will arrive shortly.

You may notice that all owners now get a copy of the approved minutes of the FMB meetings. This was done to try to ensure everyone has an opportunity to know what's going on.

Everyone received an email from Mercantile to take a 1 page online anonymous survey about various aspects of Sea Pines. Please take the survey.

The next FMB is next Saturday, April 25 at 8:30am in the Clubhouse. Click on the web site's "events" link to see the current schedule.

Don't forget the Annual Meeting will be on Sunday May 24, 9:30am at the Brewster Ladies Library. Please remember select a proxy and mail in your election ballot, even if you expect to attend (in case you can't at the last moment.) Having the proxy ballot mailed in lets the FMB know whether there will be a quorum in each Phase, which is required for a legal meeting. The proxy ballot will be returned to you or your proxy at the Annual Meeting.


Christopher Wroten
19 Landing Lane