September 26 1984


Dear Homeowner:

Another great summer and year is coming to a close. This letter is written to bring you up to date on a variety of subjects. First, a great thank you to all the people who have served us well on various committees. Their unselfish contribution, time and effort has, made life a lot better for all of us. It is not possible in this letter to mention everyone by name but without the voluntary effort of the various committees Sea Pines as a whole would not be the great place it is to live.

We are a co-operative association and without members pitching in on committee work, nothing good would be accomplished. The hardest task each year is to recruit people for committees. I would urge each of you to please help by becoming a member of a committee. If you don't help, you have no right to complain.


Belated congratulations to all those newly elected to the various phase boards and to the Facilities Management Board. I can assure you that the FMB works hard each month to conduct the affairs of the association fairly. Much discussion results on any motion brought before it and a majority of the twelve members is mandatory before any motion is approved. Here again; it is each home owners responsibility in each phase to recruit board members they feel will best represent their interests. The only way things get done or changed is through the FMB. They are also the watchdog of our financial problems.

MAINTENANCE: Many of you from time to time have genuine complaints about the physical condition of Sea Pines. Our maintenance employees, both permanent and part-time, are recruited by the CMA Corp. and receive their work schedules from that organization through weekly meetings with our Grounds Committee. The maintenance employees cannot take orders from 151 homeowners. If that were the case, nothing would get done. If you as a homeowner have work to be done by maintenance, you are requested to give your request to your phase president, any member of the Grounds Committee or to myself. All work is done on priority basis and that priority is formulated by the Grounds Committee's weekly meeting with the CMA Corp. The maintenance people have been instructed to be polite to you but have no authority to change their daily work schedule unless it involves a safety or emergency hazard. Your cooperation in adhering to this format will be appreciated and will result in everything being taken care of in orderly fashion. We have had a few instances of employee harassment and this cannot be tolerated. We all strive for a perfect peace to live in.

SECURITY: This has been a very good year with minimal vandalism occurring. This is a result, by and large, of our hiring a night guard for the summer season and by alert homeowners reporting suspicious happenings. Our money was well spent and I will ask the FMB to consider an additional guard next season to be located at the gate house during daylight hours. Of course this will have to be a budgetary consideration. We receive numerous complaints of strangers coming in to use our tot lot, beach and tennis courts. No one knows for sure who these people are. A gate house guard will help us to begin to identify these strangers.

LITIGATION: The ball is in the court of CMJ's lawyers. We are hopeful a reasonable settlement will be offered us soon. Many thanks are due Scott Jordan and his staff for the many hours they put into this effort. This certainly was above and beyond the call of duty and is greatly appreciated. Should no offer be forthcoming or an unacceptable offer made, we will have no recourse but to ask the court to set a date for trial.

GROUNDS: Much work is planned within budget restraints to improve our common ground areas and will be accomplished on an ongoing basis. I would like to thank the many homeowners who offered compliments on the condition of Sea Pines this year. These compliments help soothe the aggravation of handling the many complaints received. We try our best and the dedication of our Grounds Committee who work diligently every week on this thankless task is most welcome. I don't know what would become of our facilities without them.

BUDGETS: Your Facilities Management Board will start this month to formulate the 1985 budget. This undesirable task will take place at the 9/29 and 10/27 meetings with formal adoption hopefully occurring at the December meeting. All homeowners are welcome to those sessions as they are to all board meetings.

I and the entire FMB wish you the best of health and happiness in the coming year and look forward to seeing all homeowners during the upcoming 1985 summer season.

Bob Sheils, Chairman, FMB