May 9, 1997

Dear Neighbors:

At the April 26 meeting of the FMB, the Board approved revised regulations for the use of the Clubhouse. The major change reflected in these new regulations concerns the use of the facility as a meeting place by various outside organizations.

As many of you are aware the Clubhouse has become something of a de facto community center over the years, and the increased wear on the facility, as well as the increased need for regular professional cleaning, is something we are less and less able to adequately address in our annual budget. For this reason, the Board approved a new regulation that discontinues the use of the facility by outside organizations, as recommended by the Clubhouse Committee.

Research done by the Committee indicated that this policy is usual and customary among condominium associations. In order to allow organizations to make alternative arrangements, it was agreed that this new policy would become effective July 1, allowing for a transitional period.

This newsletter will be accompanied with information concerning the annual meeting of Sea Pines homeowners. This year's meeting will be held at a new venue, the auditorium of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History on Route 6A on Sunday, May 25. Coffee will be available at 9am and the meeting will start at 9:30am. I hope to see many of you there.


Joe Herlihy