July 18, 1997

Dear Neighbors:

Those among you who eagerly await my periodic newsletter (!!) may have noticed that I passed over the month of June in silence. Because homeowner attendance at the annual meeting was so impressive, I concluded that everyone at Sea Pines deserved a well earned respite from my commentary. I do, however, want to extend a special thanks to all those who helped out in setting up the room, handling coffee and doughnuts and managing attendance at the meeting.

Sea Pines comes alive in the summer months and (as can be expected) our facilities are used to capacity and beyond on some weekends. As a result, at this time of year a number of reoccurring issues surface that deserve mention.

Homeowners should make a special effort to observe the posted speed limit on Sea Pines Drive. Children delight in exploring their own pathways through Sea Pines and will dart out from anywhere along the road.

Our rules and regulations prohibit owners from renting their homes for terms of less than one month duration and more frequently than once in each calendar quarter. As our facilities age (albeit gracefully) and the market for condominium properties grows more competitive, few things can help to maintain values better than adherence to these rules. This is particularly the case in those parts of Sea Pines that are the most densely developed.

One of the more heavily used facility during the next few months will be the pool at the Clubhouse. Use of the pool is subject to rules that have been developed over the years to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. All homeowners who use the pool should be familiar with the pool rules and abide by them, without prompting from the attendant. These rules, however, can't address all situations that can occur on a busy summer weekend when the tide is low at noon. Common courtesy is essential if the young and exuberant and the not so young and exuberant are to enjoy this facility together. (Letting your children use the pool for a water Frisbee court is not a good idea!)

I urge all interested homeowners to attend the monthly meetings of the FMB. Dates for our future meetings are as follows: July 26, August 30, September 27, October 25, December 6. All meetings are held in the Clubhouse and start at 8:30am.


Joe Herlihy