Sea Pines Homeowners Association Monthly News

March 4, 2004

Dear Neighbor,

The FMB meeting was held on Saturday, February 28, 2004. Items of interest are: budget is on course with the exception of snow removal which is slightly over budget year to date.

Management reported one sale:

There appears to be a failure on some of the recently repaired chimneys. We are contacting the engineer and the contractor to rectify this situation.

Legal bills continue to mount for the abutter issue as our attorney is preparing to file for a summary judgment in land court.

Jim Dalton led a discussion on what can be done to make Sea Pines more representative to the homeowners. There are eight standing committees that help Sea Pines to run:

  1. Grounds and Maintenance: Joanne Keuch, Chair

  2. Beach and Boating: Dean Keuch, Chair

  3. Tennis: Lloyd McDonald, Chair

  4. Pool: Ron Gubala, Chair

  5. Insurance: John Phelan, Chair

  6. Capital Needs: Frank Fiorentino, Chair

  7. Clubhouse Betty: Pease, Chair

  8. Social: George Pierce, Chair

If you were to join a committee in which you have an interest, you would have a real voice in how Sea Pines is run.

Christopher Wroten of Landing Lane has suggested and volunteered to design and administer a Sea Pines Web site. This could be a terrific way to post information and keep homeowners informed on an ongoing basis.

An effort has been made to weed out old books in the library to make way more current literature. Any one that has used books in good condition, (paperbacks for reading on the beach preferred) should bring them and leave them in the library. Magazines, Readers Digest Condensed books should be avoided.

The next FMB meeting will be held March 27, 2004 at 8:30am in the clubhouse, a great day to take a ride to Brewster. See you there.

Richard Rose, For the FMB