Sea Pines Homeowners Association Monthly News

December 5, 2004

Dear Neighbor,

The FMB meeting was held Saturday December 4, 2004. This is the meeting where the budget is set for FY 2005. I could tease you by waiting till the end of this newsletter, but the bottom line is that the increase in the regular monthly maintenance fee is approximately 5%. This year we did the math several times and are confident the figure is correct. The special assessment has been completed so your monthly expenditure will be reduced substantially!

The financials show a small surplus for this Fiscal 2004. These moneys will be used in two ways. First to partially fund the FY 2005 needs, and second to fund the legal expenses we continue to incur. By using the surplus in this manner, we hope we can avoid future "special assessments".

Grounds and Maintenance reported fall cleanup is underway and is pleased with the way Sea Pines looks at this point, The Fertilization contract has been awarded to Nils Sodeburg, The tree contract was awarded to SavATree, and we are getting bids for the painting contract.

Dave Sullivan reported for the bluff committee. Landscape Architect Frank Todd, who was the original architect used by the developers in the late 70's was consulted on the current state of the bluff. He originally made a case for maintaining the height of the shrubs at 2-4 feet. Dave stated that the bluff was healthy for all the years we maintained it in that manner. At present, the bluff is weedy, overgrown and weakening. Hopefully we will be able to make a case to the conservation committee in the future to improve the situation. We were presented an invoice from Mr. Todd for $720.00 which was approved.

The Bylaws review committee presented the FMB with a draft of prototype By-laws for review. The intention is to have the homeowners approve more appropriate, current bylaws later this year. They will need a 66 2/3% approval by each of the four phases to pass. The FMB will review them before the next meeting and they will be discussed in detail.

Legal corner:

The trespassing case filed against Sea Pines by the abutter has been suspended awaiting the conclusion of the adverse possession case brought by homeowners in Phase 3.

Documents supporting our motion for summary judgment in the abutter issue have been filed.

Sea Pines is going ahead with an action against a homeowner who has made alterations to common area creating additional living space in garage in his unit without approval from the Grounds committee or the FMB.

Reasonable Rule of the month:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Do not do work in your unit without having an approved variance on file. Violations cost us all money! The forms are available in the clubhouse and can be downloaded from the Sea Pines web site.

The next meeting of the FMB will be Saturday January 29, 2004 at 8:30am in the clubhouse. We will be spending much of the meeting on the by-law changes and will welcome a large attendance. If you're not down south, what else is there to do on a cold January day anyway!!


Richard Rose, For the FMB