Sea Pines Homeowners Association Monthly News

January 29, 2005

Dear Neighbor,

The FMB meeting was held Saturday January 29, 2005. Those who thought they could retire to Cape Cod so they could play golf in January may have made a slight error as you can see at the end of this newsletter.

The treasurer report confirmed that as of the end of last year we did indeed have a small surplus. The bad news is that it will probably be used up by the incredible "Blizzard of 2005".

Grounds and maintenance had little to report (with the exception of the snow storms). Jeff and Ken really went beyond the call of duty during and after the storm. The board voted to recognize their work authorizing a bonus to be paid to them. We are very lucky to have such dedicated employees.

Contracts were approved for painting, pool contract and shrubbery planting for 2005.

Bluff committee report was a little disappointing as the new administrator who they had forged a good relationship with has left the employ of the town. No replacement has been made and we do not know how this will affect the modifications we were requesting to the order of conditions.

The by-law review committee will review suggestions made by several board members and come back to us next month with a draft document to be sent off to our attorney.

Management reported two sales

Both properties closed and were approved unanimously.

Legal Corner: The hearing for a summary judgment in land court will be held on March 4 regarding the abutter issue.

A discussion was held on a request by a homeowner to assign parking spaces. The board feels that it cannot do this.

Reasonable rule of the month: Parking.

Parking is very limited at Sea Pines especially during the summer. You should always use your garage first. If you need additional parking you may park 1 additional car in one of the limited spaces near your unit if available. Additional cars should be parked at the clubhouse. If everyone cooperates it will make for a much more pleasant experience for everyone.

The next meeting of the FMB will be Saturday February 26, 2005 at 8:30am in the clubhouse. Maybe we will see something green. The pictures that follow were taken today.


Richard Rose, For the FMB