Sea Pines Homeowners Association Monthly News

April 3, 2005

Dear Neighbor,

The March FMB meeting was held Saturday April 2, 2005. Spring has arrived and it is truly amazing the amount of cleanup our landscapers have done in the few days that we have been snow free.

The treasurer's report indicated that we are fairly close to projections year to date in spite of the overage in the snow budget, approximately $5000. Craig did state that there were still bills coming in around $4000 additional so it looks like a $9,000 or $10,000 overage for this year.

Grounds and maintenance reported on the work to be done in the clubhouse. New windows and sliders as well as new floor tile. The work should be complete prior to everyone's return. The clubhouse will be closed for a few days when the work is being done so mail will be held at the post office. Notice will be posted in advance.

Bluff committee report was given by Bob Wiesel who reported that the town has hired a new conservation administrator who will be visiting this week to discuss our request for an amended order of conditions. This will be complicated by the fact that someone cut down several trees on the bluff in violation of Sea Pines rules and the current order of conditions. If we are not able to prune at all everyone will suffer because of the selfish act by one or two individuals.

The by-law review committee will review the corrections requested by the Sea Pines attorney to the draft New By-Laws. Hopefully a finished product will be available later this month for the Phase Boards to Vote on. If the boards of each phase approve, than they will be presented to the Unit Owners at the annual meeting. At some point during the summer, the homeowners in each phase will be asked to vote either to approve or reject the new by-laws. We will need a 2/3 majority approval to make these changes. More next month.

Management reported one sale: 19 Overlook sold by James Goodale to James and Deborah Pennington of Boxford Mass. Price was $526,000 and a closing date of April 11, 2005.

Legal Corner: Not surprisingly, our motion for summary judgment in the abutter issue was declined. The court has asked both parties to attempt to mediate this case. When a mediator is selected we will meet with the other parties and see if anything can be worked out prior to trial. Terry will select two additional board members to attend the mediation with our attorney and himself.

You will be getting a letter this month from you Phase President asking for people to serve expiring terms on the phase boards. Please contact your President if you are interested. Getting involved is a "good thing"!

Reasonable rule of the month: Club House Clutter - notices and cards have made the clubhouse quite messy. Business cards are now in a small file on the table grouped by type of service so you can quickly find a service you are looking for. Notices on the bulletin boards will be removed at the end of each month. Hopefully this will help make the Club House look more orderly.

Sea Pines Sweatshirts are available from Vera Fields. Spring is the perfect time to buy one or two. If you mention the newsletter, Vera will give you a $5 discount so act quickly.

The next meeting of the FMB will be Saturday April 30, 2005 at 8:30am in the clubhouse. Flowers will be in bloom, the temperature will be in the upper 60's so get out and attend a meeting.


Richard Rose, For the FMB