August 1, 2005

Dear Neighbor,

The monthly FMB meeting was held Saturday July 30, 2005. A moment of silence was held for former homeowner Dorothy Pendergast who passed away during the month.

Treasurer's report was given by Craig McGowan in Frank Fiorentino's absence. We are still on budget for the year.

Grounds and maintenance reported that the new windows were installed and the sliders should be installed this month. An excellent job was done by contractor Jeff Cartier and his crew. Grove Lane and Landing Lane will be repaved in the fall. By doing both areas at the same time, we will save 5%.

Bluff committee report was given by Bob Wiesel. The second cutting was just completed. It seems that the Town's agent is working with us to improve the site lines. Hopefully this will continue into the future. We will be budgeting money for next year to remove invasive species. This will be accomplished in April.

The by-law review committee is holding two informational meetings. The first was held last Saturday, and the 2nd will be held next Saturday August 6 at 4pm.

John Phelan, the insurance committee chairman gave us the good news that our premium for the coming year will be going down slightly and the coverage for the building will be increased by approximately 15%.

Management reported one sale: 16 Landing Lane owned by the estate of Mary Sullivan was sold to Patricia Felgate of Dennis Massachusetts. The selling price was $415,000 and the closing will be September 9, 2005.

Legal Corner: We are still waiting for date for mediation. The mediator was unavailable till the beginning of August. Hopefully the mediation will occur shortly.

Reasonable rule of the month: Actually I have two!

Once again it is time to clean up the beach house. All items must be removed from the beach house by October 15, 2005. Any items left after that date will be discarded.

The next meeting of the FMB will be Saturday August 28, 2005 at 8:30am in the clubhouse. Hard to believe that Labor Day will be the following week!


Richard Rose, For the FMB