Sea Pines Homeowners Association Monthly News

August 29, 2005

Dear Neighbor,

The monthly FMB meeting was held Saturday August 27, 2005. It was the final board meeting of the summer. I can't believe it's over. It seems as if Memorial day to Labor Day takes about 5 minutes to go by.

Treasurer's report by Frank Fiorentino shows we are still on budget for the year. He also stated that the annual Capital Needs meeting was held the day before.

Grounds and maintenance reported that there was nothing to report. I think most people feel that Sea Pines has really looked great this year.

Bluff committee report was given by Dave Sullivan. They will be evaluating the best way to remove invasive species and will begin the process to apply for a new notice of intent upon expiration of the current one.

The by-law review committee report given by Frank Pease. He stated that during the two information meeting held there were several good points brought up by homeowners. The committee should have a new draft by-law draft for review at the next meeting.

Last month the board voted to approve a contract to repave Landing and Grove. The board has decided to postpone the paving. A more critical need is to replace the lighting on our roadways. Wiring will also need to be replaced necessitating the digging up of some asphalt. Repaving will be reconsidered at a later date.

Management reported no new sales or leases.

Legal Corner: Mediation has been scheduled for September 1, 2005. I should be able to report on the results in the next news letter.

Reasonable rule of the month: FIRES ON THE BEACH

It is against both Sea Pines Rules and the Town of Brewster regulations to light fires on the beach without:

  1. Notifying Beach and Boating Chair Dean Keuch.
  2. Obtaining a permit from the Town of Brewster Fire Department.
It would be a catastrophe if our bluff caught fire because a homeowner or guest lit a fire without complying.

The next meeting of the FMB will be Saturday September 24, 2005 at 8:30am in the clubhouse.

Almost time to start thinking about snow!


Richard Rose, For the FMB