News from Sea Pines - Summer 2022

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The Sea Pines Beach Party returns!

Save the Date: Saturday, July 30, 2022, rain or shine

From 4:00 pm till the last bonfire goes out!

Check your inbox for how to RSVP and for details about party logistics, equipment needs and opportunities to volunteer.

Questions? Contact [Email ].

Sea Pines holds its first hybrid annual meeting

The Brewster Meetinghouse, aka the First Parish Brewster Unitarian Universalist Church, hosted the Sea Pines annual meeting on Saturday, May 28, 2022. The hybrid format, which allowed participants to join the meeting both in person and via video conference, will be used for all Facilities Management Board (FMB) meetings going forward. If you missed the meeting you can see the slide presentations made by FMB members here.

Newly-elected FMB officers include Peter Smiledge, president, Carol Austin, vice president, Bob Smaglia, treasurer, and Sophia Sayigh, clerk.

On its way—a new look for the Sea Pines entrance

The first phase of a landscape plan for the main entrance area at Sea Pines will be initiated in the fall. The scheme extends from 6A to the Clubhouse and will focus on updated signage, vibrantly colored foliage and flowers, and the installation of hardy native perennials and groundcover. Like all of the projects guided by the Sea Pines Landscape Plan, it will employ all native plants that are adapted to our challenging Cape Cod coastal environment. The plant material is hardy, drought resistant, resilient, and supports the surrounding natural habitat.

The drawing above is posted on the Sea Pines website and a large format copy is on display in the meeting room at the club house. The landscape plan, which also includes the list of approved native plants, is also available at the website. It is worth noting that when a Brewster Conservation Commission representative was made aware of our landscape plan, she was highly complimentary and asked for a copy. She also lauded the success of our sand fence and bluff plantings in protecting our beach.

Summer reminders

Now that summer is upon us...

And then there's parking...

To equitably address seasonal parking challenges:

See the full list of rules and regulations.

Clubhouse news

Thank you, Nancy!

A new cross walk is being installed near the Sea Pines entrance on 6A thanks to the efforts of our own Nancy Clayman.

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