Route 6A (Box 2000) 617-385-8345
Dennis, Massachusetts 02638

October 13, 1978

Dear Sea Pines Homeowners:

As a result of the Board of Manager’s meeting, October 7, 1978, there are several items of which you should be informed:

  1. Good News! There will be no charge for painting your storm doors. Those homeowners who have recently received our notice in regard to charges for painting storm doors may now happily ignore the notice we sent to them. Their doors will be painted at no charge prior to May, 1979.

  2. Garage doors may now be installed by anyone who would like a garage door regardless of whether others in the same garage building choose to install doors or not. The garage doors must be "The Overhead Door Company’s" model with 4’ sections - have solid masonite face (no glass) matching those recently installed on the maintenance garages. The cost of the door arid partitions will have to be the responsibility of the owner who wants the door, even though one of the partitions might benefit his neighbor who doesn’t want a door. CMA’s Alan Campbell can give you the details on what’s necessary to meet the Brewster building code. Each individual will have to contract himself for the work to be done. Most recent estimates obtained by owners indicate that the door, installed and painted, will cost approximately $200. Each partition which goes all the way to the rafters would cost approximately $375. A partition which goes only to the height of the door currently would cost about $250. These partitions estimated are 1/2" sheet rock both sides, not taped and unpainted. Grounds Committee approval will automatically be granted for this change as long as the work is done in accordance with Alan’s current instructions.

  3. Resale of a unit at Sea Pines requires that (a) the owner must send a letter to the President of the Board of Managers of his phase, advising sufficiently in advance of the sale, that "in accordance with the by-laws of Sea Pines Condominiums, we are offering our unit #____ to your Board for $______ or we request a "Release of Right of First Refusal" in which case we will sell to (John Q. and Mary Q. Public) whose address is __________ - our unit #_______ for the amount of $_______. We would expect to close on (date) so we need your "Release of Right of First Refusal" and "Statement of Unpaid Common Expenses" as soon as possible. Signed ____________________________.

    Your letter of request can be sent to CMA, P.O. Box 2000, Dennis, MA. 02638, and need not be mailed to the President of your phase. CMA will take care of advising him and issue the paper work to you. (b) it is important to always pay up maintenance fees and all special assessments, through the month in which the sale is to take place, so that a clean "Statement of Unpaid Common Expenses" can be issued to you. (c) it was voted at the last Board meeting that there will be a charge of $25 for all future "Statements of Unpaid Common Expenses" and "Release of Right of First Refusals" to defray the association’s expenses of notarization, processing, etc. (d) the $25 check should accompany your letter of request and should be made out to Sea Pines Homeowner’s Association, sent % CMA.

Best Regards,

Scott C. Jordan
Managing Agent
Sea Pines Homeowners Assoc.