Sea Pines Tidings

Vera Fields, Editor


Sea Fines - a study in contrasts. The weekend arrives and patio lights twinkle, ice cubes clink and laughter bubbles across the clear crisp night air as cheerful as May wine. A happy place with happy people. Plup plup - tennis balls soar on a brisk Sunday morning... the scents of pine and honeysuckle and beach plum roses spar for attention and titillate the nostrils as you bike along. Sunday night and the now darkened windows peer back at me in mute silence and all is still again except for a voice somewhere in the distance - a TV set? The wind plays its tune and shadows dance on the rooftops and leaves skitter across the road... It is raining and cold - but this morning it was so warm and we were swimming! Dawn. But the sky is still gray. I look up at the grayness and the locust branches outlined against the sky's gray backdrop sway gracefully in rhythm to the wind's tempo as plumes. It is night again and fog tiptoes in quietly and stealthily and the lights of Wellfleet and Eastham no longer sparkle on the horizon. Is the tide out? There is nothing there but blackness and mist and fog and the dog and I walk the beach in the silence. The mist creates an aura of complete solitude and I am alone, but I am not afraid. I am home.

It's a new day! Summer is here and white shoulders and noses turn to the sun for THE TAN. Sailboats skitter along the waves and children race the waves to the shore. Come on up - the winter is gone and we missed you!

Vera Fields


It is a beautiful sunny day and here I am on our beach enjoying it. It's a nice setting for writing. Mother Nature performed superbly the last few mornings with lovely sunny days and the eleven-foot tides together with an off-shore breeze cleaned the beach of most of the eelgrass that has plagued our beach for weeks. Let's hope Mother Nature continues to work for us.

Congratulations are in order to our newly appointed members of the Standing Committees: Grounds and Maintenance, Beach, Pool, Tennis, Saturday Evening Social and Special Events. I have continued the practice of membership appointments sans the benefit of consultation with the new members since it is a way of sharing responsibility at Sea Pines. It is my suggestion that each committee hold an organizational meeting as soon as possible to formulate goals and objectives for the coming year. Anyone interested in serving on any Committee should contact the Committee Chairman.

On behalf of our Board of Managers, I take this opportunity to thank those who have served on Committees so well and diligently during the past year and I am looking forward to working with our new Committees.

Our best wishes and hopes for a joyous future go to Ed and Norma Cayley who are moving back home to Canada next month. Ed, with Norma's support, has given much time and effort as Chairman of our Grounds and Maintenance Committee and as a member of our Board of Managers. The best of everything to you both.

Further on in our paper are some rules and regulations (not too many) which I hope you will post for easy reference during the year to further our enjoyment of Sea Pines. Please note especially the rules on rentals to minimize transient living and also rules regarding unit alterations to maintain Code regulations and the Sea Pines standards. The pool rules are mainly to help us to have a safe summer season.

Many thanks to Frank Pease for serving us so well as our President over the past few years. Frank's shoes will be hard to fill! Your support and concern, I am sure, will help me to lead our Association this year. Both Fran and I wish you all a very enjoyable summer.

President, Phase II and Chairman of the Board of Managers


FRIDAY, June 27: A special time to say thank you and best wishes to Ed and Norma Cayley... at the Clubhouse 6 - 8pm. Traditional BYOB, Sea Pines style cocktail party with taste-tempting appetizers for your pleasure.

SATURDAY, July 5: Thank you party for retiring President Frank Pease for a job well done... at the Clubhouse 5:30 - 7pm. Bring your own bottle, and hors d'oeuvres will be served. Barbara Kelley is Chairman of the events sponsored by your Board of Managers.



This group is now getting off the ground, and Mid Coursen (4C) has agreed to coordinate. Listed below are the names of the folks who signed up last fall and also listed below is a schedule of plays being shown at the Academy of Performing Arts, the Melody Tent and the Cape Playhouse. If you wish to attend any of these performances, send your check to Mid along with the dates you wish and hopefully we can get groups to go together. There is a discount of $1 for groups of 15 or more at the Cape Playhouse. Please keep trying if you wish to phone Mid, and the best time to reach her is around 9am.

Mid Coursen (Chairman), Nellie Peterson, Carolyn Smith, Dorothy Pendergast, Beverly Lesnick, Ed & Marjorie Fearns, Yvonne Backus, Doris Welsh, Tish & Bob Grogan, Ann & Bob Eckert, Dorothy Riether, Bob & Margaret Hackford, Vera Fields, Frances S. Parke, Jan & Lovell Smith, B. 0. Buchanan, Evelyn Donnelly, Pearl & George Romm, Fred & Edna Elder


Lovell Smith, Chairman Tish Grogan, Chairman
Bill Buchanan Julius Goldblatt
Mary Earley Polly Grohe
  Frances Malone
Joe Stukas, Chairman BEACH
Vera Fields Bob Eckert, Chairman
Ann Eckert Lou Iandoli
Helen Childs Bob Sheils
Florence Tomlinson Anne Goldman
Herb Lipson  
Norton Hirsch TENNIS
Peg Dada Bernie Phaneuf, Chairman
  Betty Wolfe
Peggy Crosby, Chairman Rex Dillon
Mary Barrett  
Dot Reither Vera Fields, Chairman
  Joe Stukas
  Audrey Scalley
  Betty Wolfe
  Scott Jordan, Managing Agent

THERE IS A PAY PHONE AT THE CLUB HOUSE - 896-7731. The more we use this phone, the less it costs us per month!


WHEREAS, FRANK W. PEASE qualifies as one of the dauntless "Early Settlers" of Sea Pines;

WHEREAS, from his first day as an Owner, he did forego pleasures of the pool, the swings, the 1100 feet of beach, and other CMJ provided amenities... so that he might give unstintingly of his time to the continuing betterment of our condominium community;

WHEREAS, FRANK W. PEASE served (1974-1975) as first Chairman of the critical Grounds and Maintenance Committee, and while in that post, did keep the Developer and Property Manager on their toes through vigilant Pease-conducted inspections of construction and grounds... through the setting of high "Common Area" standards on subjects ranging from positioning of birdbaths to size of patios, to permitted display of the American flag... and through the writing (in a single year) of 417 instructive letters, averaging 3 1/2 pages In length, with a mean distribution per letter of copies to 11 different parties;

WHEREAS, FRANK W. PEASE served dynamically as President of Phase 1 from 1975 to date and also as Chief Executive and Presiding Officer for the collective Boards of Managers;

WHEREAS, under the Pease leadership, our Sea Pines Homeowners Association has grown, prospered and become a model to and envied for its financial stability, its operational efficiency, its harmonious intra-relationships, and its oneness of purpose;

NOW THEREFORE, we the homeowners and residents of Sea Pines, assembled in Annual Meeting this 2S day of May, 1980, do salute FRANK W. PEASE and thank him from the bottom of our hearts for the contributions mentioned herein and for the countless others that will remain unenumerated. WE LOVE YOU FRANK AND BETTY TOO!

(The above Resolution was presented at the annual meeting on May 25, 1980 by John Lobingier on behalf of the Boards of Managers and all owners)


Cindy Malone graduated from Nauset Regional High School as did Wendy Rosenberg. Cindy was valedictorian and received a $1,000 scholarship from Charles F. Moore-Arthur B. Nichols Scholarship. Cindy is planning to attend Tufts University in September and Wendy is planning to travel to Florida.

Steve Stukas graduated Belmont High School and in September will enter the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston with a major in piano.

Wayne Fields graduated from Brandeis University receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree magna cum laude with high honors in fine arts. He was also awarded the Rosalind W. Levine prize in fine arts. Wayne is planning to attend Parsons School of Design In New York City in September. His work was recently exhibited in the University's Senior Honors Art exhibition at the Dreitzer Gallery.

John G. Glover was born on September 28, 1979. Proud parents are Duncan and Clone Glover (K14). John weighed in at 7 pounds.

Stewart Charles Hutchison arrived weighing in at 6 pounds 3 ounces on February 24, 1980 in Guam. Stewart is the grandson of Marg and John Lobingier (5C).


Way back in November, the following stated their interest in fishing trips. Here are the names - why don't you folks get together? Sylvia Slomoff, Carolyn Smith, Bob & Margaret Hackford, Ann & Bob Eckert, J. J. Antonez, Tish & Bob Grogan, Fred & Edna Elder


This group has been busy all spring and that's why the front entrance to Sea Pines looks so inviting. This is some group - all green thumbs! The Horticulture Club motto is PULL A WEED AND PLANT A PLANT! Their next project under consideration is plantings around the Clubhouse. Keep up the good work you green thumbs - we all appreciate it.


What to do with it now that it is ours! The new Committee (listed on page 4) will be listening to all suggestions, ideas, etc. on what Sea Piners would like to see happening at the Club House. So when you are at the beach, on the tennis court or just strolling about and you see one of us - don't hesitate to pass on your ideas and suggestions...or write.


As you all know, Ed and Norma Cayley will be going home in July, having sold their unit, and they will be sorely missed (home being Toronto). The ACER CANDIDUS CAYLIUS will be planted to perpetuate Ed's fine work as Grounds and Maintenance Chairman. So Ed and Norma - you really won't be far away from Sea Pines! As former Grounds and Maintenance Chairman, you will be expected to return each fall to rake the leaves from your tree!


Hubie and Barbara Kelley recently attended the 45th reunion of Harvard University at the Wychmere Harbor Club. Betty Phillips (6B) was up from Texas to enjoy our spring weather for a few weeks. Welcome back from Florida - Harry and Jean Kane, Alice Greenlaw, Ray and Evelyn Pike, Ed and Marjorie Fearns and Norman and Ruth Lee. Also welcome home to Bill and Peg Buchanan who traveled 11,000 miles to the Canadian northwest. Mt. St. Helena erupted the day after they walked on it and California's earthquake shook the day after they left... I'd say it was a fine trip all in all! Kolleen Scallay writes under the pen name of Bandy O'Brien and she is the one with all the taste-tempting recipes in the Cape Codder under the column "Season to Taste". John Scalley will be leaving for India in January to study philosophy at the school of Eastern Philosophy in Calcutta, India. John is currently a junior at Colby College. We are sorry to hear Bill Welsh passed away recently after a brief illness. Doris provided plantings in his memory at the corner of Sea Pines Drive and Grove, a spot Bill was always interested in beautifying. Bill will be missed and our sympathies go to Doris. Louise Reilly (K2) entertained her mother, Esther Walter and her mother's friends Ethel & Jack Hartley of Cohn, Lancastershire, ENGLAND for two weeks. The Hartley's enjoyed their visit and it was great to have them!


SATURDAY, July 12 is date. It's time for Sea Pines teenagers to get to know each other! TEEN BARBECUE will take place on the 12th at 3-9pm. There will be swimming, games, dancing, music and food food food! It's a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and make new friends. For more information, call George of Fran Malone.


GARAGE SALE - coming up this fail. August 23 is the date. Goods to be included may be dropped off at Florence Tomlinson.


CLASSICAL CONCERT - sponsored by your Special Events Committee... more about this in the next issue of "Tidings".

DIDJA' KNOW - feet were stamping, hands were clapping and voices rang loud and true as a contingent of Sea Piners enjoyed the hot music and cool drinks at Dorsie's Restaurant. Helen Child's son, Lee Childs and his BOURBON STREET PARADERS played the hottest Dixieland music heard in a long long time. The Paraders will be appearing at Dorsie's through Labor Day and will also give a concert on July 7 at the Dennis Village Green at 7:30 and 9:30. If you want some great Dixieland - don't miss them!


Something new has been added - Sea Pines will have a well qualified lifeguard on duty during the following time periods unless otherwise posted.

  • Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 1pm and 1:30 - 6pm
  • Monday: OFF DUTY
  • Tuesday - Friday: 1:30 - 6pm

We are fortunate to have Christopher "Rocky" Carzo with us this summer. Rocky comes from Winchester, Mass, and just received his BS degree with a Physical Education major. He was class President, Student Action Council Chairman, participated In the Munich/Salzburg Exchange Program and did student teaching at Phillips Exeter Academy. Rocky has been lifeguard, swimming and diving instructor for the YMCA and Abt Associates. Rocky's prime job will be lifeguard, but he will also do some grounds work.

Sea Pines is equally fortunate to have Peter Worley back again for another summer of grounds work and on occasion alternate lifeguard, both tasks he performed so well for us last year. Peter has just finished his third year at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois. His coach says he is a terrific athlete with a passion for soccer. Alan Campbell and Paul Fagan, our year-round staff, of course need no introduction.

The pool is increasingly subject to close scrutiny by the local Board of Health and our Insurance carrier. Please observe carefully all rules posted inside the pool area and instruct children particularly to respect necessary supervision. Have a great summer.

Scott Jordan, Managing Agent




RENTING: With summer here, some owners may be considering renting their unit. The By-Laws for each of our condominium phases are explicit on this subject, and it is important that they be adhered to by owners in all of Sea Pines Condominium Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Below is the essence of our rental policy:


Calendar quarters are: Jan/Feb/Mar, Apr/May/Jun, Jul/Aug/Sep, Oct/Nov/Dec

Your Boards of Managers are firm on this policy and are determined to enforce it. We can think of no more certain way to destroy the character of Sea Pines than to allow it to become a "fast turnover" rental operation. Our Managing Agent, CMA Corp P.O. Box 2000, Dennis, Mass. 02638 will be happy to assist you with additional information and the proper paper work.

George Malone, President

  1. DRESS CODE: All persons (men and women) are expected to wear proper tennis attire at all times while on the Courts. This includes tops (shirts, blouses or dresses) and TENNIS shoes.
  2. The sign-up board is located at Court #1 and covers all 4 Courts. No Court may be reserved earlier than noon the day before playing time. Sign-up sheets will be posted by Noon for the next day. Post all players and unit numbers for the convenience of others.
  3. Each unit owner (adult man or woman) is entitled to reserve a Court for 1 hour for single or 1 1/2 hours for doubles, one day in advance for his own or family use. If time is still available when you have finished playing, you may reserve an additional period. If your plans change, please remove your name so the Court may be used by others.
  4. If unauthorized players are using your reserved Court time, they may be asked to leave. If they refuse, report them to the Tennis Committee for further action.
  5. Use of Courts is limited to owners and house guests. It is everyone's responsibility to keep unauthorized people off the Courts.
  6. Keep Courts locked at all times when not in use. Lower the net when you are finished playing. Do not allow children to skate board on the Courts or use them as a playground.
  7. In accordance with the By-laws, people renting will have the same privilege as owners and are expected to abide by the same Rules and Regulations.

Proper use and care of the Courts will help keep maintenance costs at a minimum and is the responsibility of all owners and renters. Let's get the maximum usage and enjoyment out of our facilities.

Stan Wolfe, Chairman Tennis Committee


Rules and regulations approved by the Boards of Managers, May 27, 1978.

  1. STRUCTURAL CHANGES: Inside or outside a unit, there must be prior approval from this Committee. Included in such changes would be relocation or extension of a patio fence. Costs of approved structural changes will be borne by the requesting owner or owners.

  2. USE OF PATIO AREA: The great majority of patios have an area well-defined by fencing. Within this area each owner is free to landscape as he or she pleases. Permissible within limits of the fence are such items as furniture, outdoor lights, cookers, bird baths and statuary. However, other than table umbrellas and bug exterminators, no objects are to protrude above the level of a patio fence. Towels or clothing or other items are not to be draped on fences.

    • In the patio area where there is little or no fence, bear in mind that items such as the above may create an eyesore for other owners. If this seems to be happening, the Committee may request fencing to be erected at the owner's expense.

  3. BEYOND PATIO LIMITS - OUR "COMMON AREA": Beyond patio boundaries there is no individual ownership. The ground out there belongs to the Association as a whole, and we want to maintain it in the best interests of the whole. Thus, the following rules are important for the preservation of our common area beauty:

    • Please - place no man-made objects beyond the limits of your patio. As stated above, items such as cookers, birdbaths, furniture, statuary and outdoor lights should all be kept within the patio area.
    • An owner may put in a reasonable amount of natural plantings in common areas, at his or her expense, but only with prior approval of the Grounds Committee. Proposals will be checked with neighboring owners. If there is objection to a proposal, it will generally be denied. When an owner plants in a common area, it is that responsibility to weed and maintain such plantings.

  4. REQUESTS FOR ASSOCIATION SERVICES: Requests for Association services, or facilities that would be produced at Association expense, may be directed to the appropriate Board of Managers, to Scott Jordan our Managing Agent, or to the Grounds and Maintenance Committee. This also applies to complaints and/or compliments about the way the Association services are being performed.

  5. INSURANCE DEDUCTIBLE: The Association Master Insurance Policy has a $100 deductible clause. When there is a claim against this master policy to pay due to owner carelessness, the owner will be asked to pay this first $100.

  6. WHEN LIABILITY IS ON THE OWNER: There could be damage situations where the master insurance policy cannot be called upon and where an owner must assume personal liability. (Example: pipes freeze and damage occurs in a unit where it becomes clear the owner did not follow the winterizing instructions from the Managing Agent. Example A fire occurs and it is traced to do-it-yourself electrical wiring by an owner instead of by a licensed electrician.) In both of these instances, the owner would bear all expenses for damage in his or her unit, as well as any resulting damage to other units.

  7. REQUESTS FOR ADDITIONAL GRASS: New grass may be added if the requesting owner will agree to the following terms:

    • Underground sprinkling to be installed at owner's expense.
    • Cost of grass and installation to be borne by owner.
    • Association will maintain (cut, water, fertilize) for an annual charge of 10 cents per square foot, payable in one sum in April of each year.

  8. BEACH ACCESS: PRESERVING OUR DUNES: All walking to and from the beach must be by the one established path and wooden stairs. The Brewster Conservation Commission has specifically forbidden any foot traffic on the beach dunes and to include a strip extending about 30 feet back from the crest. All of us share in the responsibility to preserve our beautiful beach and dunes in their natural state. In addition to obeying this easy but important rule ourselves, we can take responsibility for speaking to violators - whether innocent or willful.

  9. DOGS: Brewster has a leash law which of course applies to all of us at Sea Pines. The law applies at the beach as well as else where. When walking dogs, please be sure that plants and lawns are not spoiled. We all love pets, but to step in a pet droppings is disgusting.

  10. BICYCLE RIDING: Bicycles are to be ridden only on the roads at Sea Vines, not on sidewalks and not over common areas - whether mulched, grassed or wooded. Just down the road in Nickerson Park are miles of great bike trails, as well as the new trail under construction from Dennis to Eastham.

  11. CHILDREN'S RECREATION vs. ADULT OWNER COMFORT: Our aim is to strike a happy balance at Sea Pines between these two objectives: comfort of adult owners and the opportunity for children of owners to enjoy constructive play and recreation.

    SO ON THE ONE HAND, there are these fine recreational opportunities for children:

    • An outdoor gymnasium and play area in the Hollow between the two sets of tennis courts. No restrictions on use.
    • Tennis Courts - available in keeping with the rules of the Tennis Committee.
    • Pool - available in keeping with the rules of the Pool Committee.
    • Beach and Bay - available in keeping with the rules of the Beach committee, including the access provisions stated in No. 8 above.

    AND ON THE OTHER HAND, in fairness to all, we do ask parents to cooperate and place certain reasonable limitations on children's activities. For example:

    • Bicycle riding and skateboarding may be done on roads and parking areas, but parents must recognize the risks involved.
    • However, no bicycle riding and no skateboarding in garages, on sidewalks, or in courtyards. These quarters are just too close for the safety of all concerned.
    • Please, no balls thrown against buildings or off rooftops and no ball playing (other than a friendly "catch") In the common areas anywhere. Unfortunately, there is just not any open area big enough to accommodate ball playing without disturbing people in nearby units. The best place for a ball game is on the beach in low tide or in the open area south of and adjacent to the Clubhouse parking lot.

Sorry if much of this may seem to be negative. We suggest that these 11 rules are quite positive. For all of us, they can provide a very positive framework for good condominium living with due respect for both nature and our neighbors.

Lovell Smith, Chairman