April 10, 1987

Dear Sea Pines Neighbor,

This is a brief report on the Facilities Management Board meeting held at the clubhouse on Saturday, March 28, 1987.

  1. Charles Phillips (6B) and Allen Hendricks (D7) were appointed to the Management Survey Committee, joining George Malone (7B) and Chairman Burnie Stehman (7J).

  2. Insurance Committee Chairman John Phelan was unable to attend the meeting, but through the FMB Chairman advised that the Insurance Committee had awarded the contract for our insurance for the period March 6, 1987 through March 5, 1988 to the Drake, Swan, & Crocker Insurance Agency, in Orleans. The coverage will be provided by The Hanover Insurance Company.

  3. Further discussion was held regarding legal action threatened by Herb Lipson if the FMB fails to move a tree which allegedly blocks his view of the ocean. (The FMB voted at its January 31 meeting to have the Grounds and Maintenance Committee negotiate with abutters to see if a new location, acceptable to all involved, could be found.) Mr. Lipson's attorney, in a letter of February 24 to the FMB, opined that a reasonable time for the tree to be moved would be by the end of April. Mr. Lipson, at the March 28 meeting, expressed concern that nothing was happening. The Grounds and Maintenance Committee is trying to contact all the abutters and arrange an onsite meeting. It is not clear just when this can be accomplished. The Chairman of the FMB, Frank Pease, explained that he was most reluctant to spend any Association money on this matter, but that with the continuing threat of legal action, felt it was time to consult Sea Pines attorney. Accordingly, the Managing Agent was asked to write our attorney, explaining the situation and seeking advice.

We are all saddened at the untimely passing of our neighbor and colleague Gordon Shaver. Gordon was an interested and energetic member of the Grounds and Maintenance Committee. We certainly miss this fine person.

Best regards,

Frank W. Pease, Chairman
Facilities Management Board
Sea Pines Condominium