December 9,1985

TO: Sea Pines Haneowners

From: Robert W. Sheils, Chairman, Facilities Management Board

Firstly, let me apologize for the lateness of my annual letter; but I delayed it in order to include the good news on our settling the litigation with the CMJ Corp. I'm sure you're all happy that an amicable conclusion was attained. Here are the basic parts of that settlement:

  1. $250,000 cash
  2. Use of CMJ's heavy equipment and an operator to solve some of our drainage problems
  3. CMJ assistance in solving the plumbing problems of Cluster 5
  4. Only the dispute on the fire wall legalities is to be resolved by the court
  5. The dropping of all counter claims against Sea Pines
  6. Mutual agreement on a publicity release

So many of our homeowners have contributed to the success of these trying seven years that it would be tough to mention them all in this letter. We all know who they are and a big "Thank YOU" to them all. Also thanks to the Boston Consulting Firm, Atty. Bob Glass, and especially to Scott Jordan.

By now you all know the officers elected at last May's Annual Meeting. The list has been posted on the Clubhouse Bulletin Board. Those elected to the Facilities Management Board have been hard at work and right now are in the process of trying to hammer out the 1986 Budget. The Board has asked me to point out several areas of our operations to you in this letter.

PETS - The Board fully intends to enforce rules on pets as published. This includes the regulation of NO pets to any lessees.

COMMON GROUNDS - Any planting on common grounds must be approved by the Grounds Committee. Plantings on the common grounds if approved become the property of the Association.

BICYCLES - Only permitted on paved surfaces; not on natural areas.

PARKING - Not allowed on natural areas. All owners should have a parking sticker.

VINES - Although pretty, they will not be allowed to grow on chimneys or buildings. Any existing vines will be taken down in order to prevent any deterioration of Association property.

FINANCE COMMITTEE - This committee will consist of: our treasurer, as chairman, the chairman of the FMB, as vice-chairman, and three homeowners, to be appointed by the FMB Chairman. Serving until the next Annual Meeting are: Howard Morris, Bob Sheils, Ernest Dillion, George Malone, and Burnell Stehman.

So much for the "lousy" part of my duties. All in all, 1985 shall go down as a very fruitful one. Much has been accomplished, but much more is needed. By working together, we can continue to have the Best Run Condominium on Cape Cod. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have given me assistance and counseling during the past three years.


Robert W. Sheils
Chairman, Facilities Management Board

PS: New up-to-date directory included.