Bylaws and Master Deeds

Sea Pines began construction in 1973-1974 and was built in four phases. Landing Lane is Phase 1; Grove Lane is Phase 2; Friendship Lane, Hollow Lane, and Duneward Lane are Phase 3; and Knoll Lane, Overlook Lane and Sea Pines Drive are Phase 4.


There is a set of bylaws for each of the four Sea Pines Condominiums. They are exactly the same except for Condo numbers. The listed book/pages are for these documents as filed with the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds.

Master Deeds

For your reading pleasure, here are the Master Deeds for each of the four Condominiums, scanned from the original documents made available online by the Barnstable Country Registry of Deeds and updated with any legally registered amendments. Only Phase 1's Master Deed is an exact copy of the same Book and Pages at the Registry, since it had no amendments. The Master Deeds you see here for Condos 2, 3, and 4 will NOT exactly match their Book and Pages at the Registry, since their versions are modified to include the legally filed amendments.

Unlike the Bylaws which are under the control of the Sea Pines Unit Owners and the FMB, the Master Deeds require significantly more process to legally modify. As a result, the only modifications have been those made by the original developer while the condos were being built. Each Master Deed is similar to the others, but they are all somewhat different from the others. Refinements and modifications by the developer can be seen from the earliest deed for Phase 1 to the latest deed for Phase 4. It can make for interesting reading.