Landscape Master Plan

The link below will take you to a copy of the recently completed Landscape Master Plan. It was developed for the Sea Pines community by landscape architect Tom Benjamin, RLA, principal at Wellnesscapes of Haydenville, MA.

Each year a significant portion of maintenance and reserve account dollars are spent on projects which impact the landscape at Sea Pines. The Facilities Management Board (FMB) recognized the need to have a comprehensive plan and guidelines which would inform and direct decision-making by the Sea Pines community—the FMB, Grounds Committee, and unit owners—and improve the appearance, function, and sustainability of the campus landscape as well as to help reduce long term costs.  

The Master Plan is based on an analysis of the current condition of the Sea Pines landscape. Data for the analysis came from a site inventory conducted by the landscape architect and a survey taken among Sea Pines unit owners. Additional input from the community was also gathered at two community meetings. Using this information, the architect developed a series of specific long- and short-term recommendations for projects or initiatives that would address the concerns discussed in the inventory and those raised by unit owners. The scope of the recommendations includes both the natural or forested areas of the campus and the developed portions of the Sea Pines common areas. The Plan also provides a set of important guidelines concerning routine maintenance and unit owner-funded projects which will help to improve the appearance, consistency, and resilience of the Sea Pines landscape. 

It is important to note that over the years, unit owners have implemented various self-funded common area landscape projects, generally in areas near their units. Those projects required approval from the Building and Grounds Committee through a variance request. Nothing in this plan changes that process, nor does the Landscape Master Plan mandate the removal or alteration of any landscaping changes made in those previously-approved projects.  However, unit owners requesting a variance for any new projects or changes to existing projects must only use plants listed on the Sea Pines Plant List.

The FMB firmly believes that this Master Plan will help to make our community be more attractive, help reduce long term maintenance costs, and be environmentally more responsible.

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